Friday, June 15, 2018

The changing world (115) May 82

May 1st Sorting Lego for sale. Marion Mollenhaur's 60th birthday party.
2nd        Church at Hillcrest because COCIN HQ service cancelled for an ordination service elsewhere in Jos.
3rd         Hausa teaching and checking Dick's doctrine manuscript.
4th         Hausa students did a Mexican supper. Welwyn church do not want us to come home.
5th         Farewells for Marion Mollenhaur retiring. Dele took his bus back. Growing conviction we should pursue Muslim work at home.
7th         Jonathan taken to a physiotherapist who prescribed exercises.
8tj          Very wet. Smiths to dinner.
9th          Students to Kabwir for Lilian Blenco's farewell.
10th        Teaching Hausa. Our goods are selling well. The mission has refused to send out our resignation prayer letter.
11th         Chat with sympathetic Colin who thinks there should be a way of appealing COCIN executive's decision.
12th         Bulmers in sick bay with fever.
13th         Hausa teaching.
14th         As above plus work on doctrine book. Katy to high school recital for her pupils.
15th         Took children swimming. With Dick to a film at Hillcrest. People queueing five hours for petrol.
16th         Don Davies and wife to lunch. He is theology professor at Union Seminary, Richmond, VA. Swimming. To choir singing on Crucifixion.
17th          Sea mail came from August to march.
19th          Teaching then translating. Chats with Colin and the Jones who are supportive.
20th          Oakleys touch supportive. Wilhelm Mollemaker visited.
21st          Dick to lunch and work his doctrine book. Jones to dinner.
22nd         Work on Dick's book. Sorting children's books to sell. Indian food with Minuses. Her great great uncle helped Adoniram Judson in Burma. 5000 soldiers landed on the Falklands.
23rd           Woods to such. Very heavy rain. Visit to flamingo dam.
24th            Checking Dick's book. Jean Oliver recommending potential Muslim work for the future.
25th            Checking Dick's book with garbage. Handover of Hillcrest PTA.
26th             Took Dick's book to Foron for typing. Picking up TEE books from printers.
27th             TEE supervisors meeting is easier when some colleagues are absent. Ground forces attacking in Oak;ands.
28th              End of Hausa course. Great Korean lunch from Kangs.
29th              Took Jonathan to physiology. Katy had concert for her pupils.Children swimming. 900 Argentinians captured at Port Darwin.
30th               Lunch with Wilmshurst at Vom. Greeted Zwambun and family.
31st               Calcotts to supper.Very understanding.

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