Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The changing world (138) Sep - Nov 85

Sep 1st     I do the notices these days. Ivan Lowe of NAM preached. Helen Humphrey stayed.
3rd           Day off.
4th           Session.
8th           Led worship for Steve preaching.
9th           Children back to school. Ivan Lowe to dinner
13t           Larry Becker to dinner. Larry visiting for two weeks was eventually to come to us for evangelism and diaconal work.
15th         Elliott preached.
17th          Presbytery at Kims.
19th          Brian Evans stayed.
22nd         I preached at IPC.
23rd         Congregational meeting.
28yh        SUM conference Herne Bay
29th         Steve preached.
Oct 2nd   Day off.
6th           Joe preached harvest Sunday with church lunch,
9yh          Session
13th         Steve preached
15th          Pharmaceutical Society branch meeting.
20th         Joe preached.
26th         Visited Myra and Dorothy in Newport.
27th         Elliott preached.
30th         Session.
Nov 2nd   Did fireworks at church. I do not know if this was the year that was my last doing this. I lit a roman candle beneath a pine tree and set it alight. Not a good day to dial 999. We put it out which I later regretted as by removing the tree we would have freed up the land for later building. I am utterly opposed to Tree Preservation Orders. What business is it of the Council as to what trees grow on private property.
3rd           Steve preached.
9th           Stocktaking.
10th         Steve preached.
17th          Ed Clowney preached. Amazing content with no oratory at all.
20th         Pharmaceutical Society branch meeting.
22-24th    Synod. I think this was Ashburnham Place. If so, Rev Bickerteth told us about being left it by the last Countess Ashburnham. There were no entails. He sold off the treasures to pay millions in depth duties and turned the stately home into a conference centre. A great story of responsible Christian stewardship.
24th         Steve preached in the evening.
27th         Session. We will have to discipline Derrick Johnson over not providing for his family.
29th         Thanksgiving at the Larsons. I think this was when at the end of the meal children went out and Elliott produced cigars received while flying first class. Carl, the youngest boy came back to the room and was horrifies saying to me,'Graham you have taught my daddy to smoke and now he's going to DIE'.

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