Monday, June 18, 2018

The changing world (121) Nov 82

Nov 1st Prayer with Steve. Translating. Church meeting went well except I was told I did not sound very enthusiastic about my work. Perhaps because I have has no offer of a full time job. People say calling adults by forenames if fine. We dissent.
2nd       Cycled to Ken Okeke, Streatham, to tell of my need for Nigerian contacts.
3rd       Roger Malstead OM round to discus literature needs in Nigeria.
4th       Took Jonathan to GOS hospital/ EEG OK. Eyes do not need glasses. Physio prescribed exercises. Visited National Gallery, Trafalgar Square and the Thames. Edward Law to dinner.
5th        Ian Sproule visited. Fireworks at 48 with that family.
6th        With boys to Brentford 2 Bradford 2. Rubbish game. Terrible crowd obscenities. At Clowneys discussed plans fo evening services.
7th         Led morning service and took evening study. Lunch at tea in Finchley with Oldfields RSMT.
8th         Translating and catching up on a week with no Bible reading.
9th          Still down. Sermon prep and translating.
10th         David Drew here en route from USA to Nigeria. Spoke at Michael Flanders centre. Visited mosque. Christchurch day David is fine but Jonathan below par.
11th        Translating. Hassans hospitable. They say Hausa women are the most fortunate. Confined in purdah they alone are the women who do not have to farm. Good curry at Abrahams.
12th         Translating. Visited John H curate at St James. John Cox visited. He is a JP.
13th         Curry at Cradocks.
14th         Preached in the morning. Taken to M Hassan while children at Crusaders. Commission by presbytery so nor I am an IPC elder.
15th          Translating. Only three at prayer meeting.
16th          Translating. led Bible study.
17th          Translating. Good conversation with a Yoruba alhaji at the mosque.
18th           Translating. Deb's second birthday. All Larsons flew first class to LA thanks to their travel agent aunt.
19th           Translating. Sermon prep. John Fulton wants me to write around about a ministers fraternal. Friends round for Jonathan's twelfth birthday super.
20th            Dave Bickel visited overnight. Family to Museum of Mankind, Trafalgar Square and Christmas light in Regent Street and Paicadilly Curcus. Substantial gift from Petersfield friends.
21st           Spoke to Kings cross Koreans about my work. Children to Crusaders, me chat at hastens. He is a sincere Muslim. Spoke at IPC in evening and discussed future plans for evenings.
22nd         Translating. Paid by SUM.
23rd         To Broxboure EMF conference. Good slide presentation by WEC on evangelisation. Roy Clements very good lecture applying regulative principle to missions.
24th          John Dart spiritualised Song of Songs. Talked with S Davies, Moorlands and J Potter SIM. then Barbara SA of TEAR fund and CLC man from Brazil..Graham Kingston, Gild Hill on church growth . SAMS man legalistic on giving. Meadows of Buzz on youth. Castro ICF on prayer.
25th         Home. Supper at martins. Rachel bad sore throat.
26th         Translating. Rachel off school.
27th          With Brian Knell to FFM at UCCF centre.Heard about MECO, WEC, SIM, Gardner Trust, NAM and UCCF. Martins to dinner.
28th           First frost. Joe Martin preached in the morning. Preached for Koreans at Emmanuel Wimbledon. Some at Ealing IPC in the evening.
29th           Translating. Prayer at Knells.
30th           To SGM with manuscript and to collect booklets. To CLC and St Pauls.

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