Friday, June 29, 2018

The changing world (143) Aug-Sep 86

Aug 3rd Elliott preached. I think Steve Bickley had left IPC now for Proclamation Trust, a sudden and surprise move leaving us with no full time teaching elder.
10th        Larry preached.
11th        Discoverers.
17th        I preached. Boys away on holiday.
19th        Girls away on holiday.
21st         Neil Richardson, rector of Greenford and Labour councillor visited as apologist for the homosexuality policy. I was later to tell him he was a false prophet saying,'Peace, peace' when there is no peace for he blessed homosexual unions. His politics and theology were polar opposites of mine  but he wrote some touching romantic poetry each year.
24th         I preached.
28th         Jun back from Nigeria.
31st        Digby James and family visited.
Sp 1st     Session
4th            Harry Greenway MP visited us. We became good friends. he encouraged me to join the Conservatives and then to stand as a councillor. He won the seat from Labour and kept it for three general elections only losing when Blair came to power. He had real Christian commitment. The only time he desired a three line whip was over Sunday trading.
7th            Joe preached on giving. He showed us the OT tithe was actually 23.33% p.a.
8th            Congregational meeting.
9th            John into school.
10th          Ruth Eatough visited.
12th          Parents Action Group.
13th          Stocktaking.
14th          I preached. Pot luck. I did my signature dish as usual, tandoori chicken.
16th          Seabers silver wedding at the Brentham Club.
21st          I led. Raju preached.
23rd         Tom and Jean Owens to dinner. Tom pastored Acton Baptist Church. He was succeeded by Jonathan Burrough who was the son of SUM missionaries and whose daughter Miriam was to marry our Jonathan. Tom retired to the Isle of Man. Before Nigeria he was a vet.
24th        Larry's parents to dinner. he was a well to do dealer in agricultural equipment in Nebraska.
28th        Larry preached.
30th         Parents Action Group.

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