Saturday, June 23, 2018

The changing world (130) Aug 83

Aug 1st To Pharmaceutical Society. Saw ad for an Ealing job and got an interview. Visited Ealing Hospital as chaplain. Patients asleep or demented. With Clowneys to hear excellent Chuck Colson at London Institute. Few speakers impress me. He is the second lawyer to do is -well ex lawyer now.
2nd        Job interview went well. At hospital staff fellowship. Talked with a man from Madrid whose father is terminal and a Ghanaian too.
3rd         Spoke at Michael Flanders. Hymn cassettes help. Ealing Hospital. Gave the African a New testament. Two encouraging old Baptist ladies.
4th          Took family to Potters Bar where dam met us to take the children north. Katy and Deb stayed there. I want back to ealing. Dele phoned. I brought him from Heathrow in Simon's car. He rested and I took him back to the airport.
5th            Letters. Reading. Not sociable at church barbecue.
6th            Katy and Deb back. Supper at Larsons.
7th            Steve not stimulating in the morning. Aimed at US visitors.Preached at Watford. A Pentecostal disagreed on Acts 2.
8th            Katy started Discoverers teaching. Cycled to felt ham and interviewed by Andrews of Moss. Went well but I am undecided about multiples never having worked for one since my unhappy year with Boots as a student, 33 to 64.
9th             To Library. A day reading
10th            Mashru has offered me a job in South Ealing pharmacy. Overends brought boys back.
11th            Discoverers closing session. Took Jonathan shopping for his holiday.
12th            Took Jonathan to Waterloo on holiday.
13th             Evangelistic visit. Walk in park.
14th             Steve in morning, me in evening. Visiting American team left. Walk in park.
15th             Pharmacy will pay £10,200 rising to £10,800. Lunch at Wells. Visited Thames lock. Trevor says that salary will mean a struggle to have a house and a car.
16th              Sermon prep. House group here.
17th              Last visit to Michael Flanders. Library. Visited Hassans
18th              Some practical work on church fabric. and garden.
19th              Reading records of church especially discipline of Derick Johnson who we eventually excommunicated. The only one in our history. He was later jailed for arson. Later, divorced he wanted to remarry and have half the property as it was in joint names. A law there to protect hime makers was exploited by an indigent alcoholic. When he was out people felt threatened for their property. A sigh of relief when he moved north. I once told him to stop driving when drunk. I said I was not bothered for him but innocents on the road. He told me my sins were secret, his open. An argument from the pit. Sober he could be charming. From jail he accused me of helping his wife defraud the DSS. Supper at Claire Pound -Corners.
20th               Picked brambles by canal with the children. Visited Paul Clough. My previous post about the death of his wife Liz was in error. She was not a Bennett. Now his fiancee Maya is the Bennett. At Chorleywood.
21st               Alan Hosier in the morning. Afternoon Richmond Park. Preached in the evening.
22nd              Collected Jonathan from Waterloo. To Evangelical library and Pharmaceutical Society.
23rd               To Gloucester with Jonathan and Rachel. R reg Peugeot 504 estate from Borrow a Banger. Good but stalls if braked hard.
24th                Drove to Leapers large house via Potters bar.
25th                Lunch north of Penrith. At Scotts Dalry. To Saltcoats beach.
26th                Lunch at Saltcoats beech. Drove coast and moors to Largs.
27th                Fine but too windy for long on the beech. Enjoyed moorland scenery.
28th                To Trinity dairy. Then beech and Troon Marina.
29th                Largs ferry to Great Cumbrae and round the island.
30th                Walked up the glen behind West Lynne. Last time to the beech where the children have loved building sandcastles and watching the tide wash them away.
31st                 Lunch at Wimslow then ealing with children very well behaved.



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