Saturday, June 23, 2018

The changing world (131) Sep 83

Sep 1st Bought sports outfit for Jonathan. Returned the car with Jonathan. back by train. Opened building society account.
2nd       Sermon prep.
4th        Steve morning, me evening.
5th        Started work at G R Buttery South ealing Road. Busy. Late home. Session at Joe's.
6th        Work finished on time 7pm. Despite nerves all OK. I think I was still writing labels or was I typing?
7th         Finished work 6pm.
8th         Mortgage people say to go ahead and look for a house.
9th         Day off. Sermon prep. With Katy shopping in Greenford.
10th       Quiet working day.
11th       Joe not so hot in the morning. Children back to crusaders. I preached at high. Asked Muke Rudd to sit still. He walked out. Some said he was schizophrenic. I found him honest and sincere. An old boy of Guy Fawkes school, St Peters york. He once stole our gut=y on bonfire night to protect the effigy of his fellow old school pupil. He never formally joined IPC because he did not accept mediated authority. He had direct line to the Spirit's guidance. From a wealthy family but estranged from them. I admired him for never claiming any benefits.
12th        Quiet at work. I found the boss who worked in his other shop easy going. His wife sometimes worked in the shop and was more demanding. Congregational meeting.
17th         School sports St Saviours.
20th         Harvest Sunday,


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