Friday, June 15, 2018

The changing world (114) Apr 82

Apr 1st Dele took book stock to Kano.
2nd       To Miango holiday. Argentina invaded the Falklands.
3rd        Walk in pine forest.
8th         Concert programme with an excellent folk singer doctor from Qua Ibo Mission. I was MC and did monologues.
11th        Up the hill at 5am for Easter sunrise service. Children played in river by waterfall.
12th        Back home. The COCIN executive want my complaint letter withdrawn before negotiation. No way.
13th         Translation exercises for Hausa course. Told Dele why we are resigning. Told COCIN executive we are not with drawing our resignation. At peace about it.
14th          Tee work stocktaking. Brian Boddy to supper.
15th           Hausa class and TEE accounts. Dick Bulmer thinks I should withdraw my letter as it has angered the leadership but I regret nothing I have written.
16th            Power more off than on this week.
17th           Doctor says Jonathan's glassed from Great Ormond Street are wrong. His eyesight cannot be helped by glasses. Musical evening at Dominys with Katy and Esther Koops, CRC, doing duets.
18th           Led at COCIN English. Marion Mollenhaur to lunch. Greeted grab on the birth of a boy. Picnic at waterfall.
19th           Power still more off than on. Hausa teaching. TEE accounts. Translating Preach the Word.
20th           As yesterday. Power off after the morning. Hillcrest PTA executive.
21st            SIM ladies enquiring about Hausa course. Visitors from CAPRO and QIM.
22nd           Hausa teaching. TEE accounts balanced.
23rd           Miss Brouwer says David shows some improvement but he thinks he is doing a lot better.
24th           Sorting goods for sale.
25th           Koops to lunch.
26th           Withdrew letter to General Secretary but not my resignation. Sharon Wells to hospital with suspected appendicitis and Wells family to dinner.
27th            Checking manuscript on doctrine for Dick Bulmer.
28th            As above plus Hausa teaching and TEE books from printer.
29th            Doctrine MS checking with Dick.
30th            Public holiday. Cloudy with rain. Took boys to Hillcrest to see Pink Panther.

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