Thursday, June 07, 2018

The changing world (109) Sep 81

1st Sep Started Hausa course with seven students including the first Korean missionaries in Nigeria.  Picked up TEE books from printers and ordered another one. Four hours, 307Km to Kano.
2nd       Sorting books and orders. Greeted Kimbers back from UK.
3rd        More work in the book store.
4th        Ditto. Orders for banner of truth and evangelical pressMy best ever Nigerian food from Grace Onamusi, Nile perch with plantains and beans.
5th        Orders dome for baker, Eerdmans and Presbyterian Reformed. Four hours to drive to Jos. Debbie sick two days. Invited by an independent church to give two sets of lectures. Drews house was attacked by Zimbabwean refugees at night. Now they have five armed guards.
6th          Preached at Hillcrest. HQ church now has a roof. Kimbers to lunch. Jonathan now swims a length and jumps from the top board. Debbie unsettled but not vomiting or feverish.
7th          Garba late for Hausa teaching due to rain. Sprouts children to lunch. Deb unsettled and vomiting again.
8th           Hausa teaching then work on TEE book with Paul Oakley who lunched with us. Have rain. Rockhaven road bad. Deb some better.
9th           Children start school semester. Rachel happy with Mrs Leftwich, David Miss Brouwer and Jonathan initially disappointed with Miss Knight. Sick all day with stomach problems but pleased with a generous gift of cheese from Boers.
10th          Debbie livelier but not sleeping until after midnight and awake by 5am. Hausa teaching. Sorting books. Vonker, nurse from Vom, spoke at prayer meeting on how he was persecuted as a young Christian in langtang. This must have been pre WW2.
11th          Before class had to help vehicles stuck in mud on our road. mavis Bulmer and Gulas to lunch.
12th          To abattoir and cut up meat. Boys to party at Rules. One Buzu watchman left over pay.
13th           Preached in English at HQ. Jean Hamilton and Jenny Sweatman to lunch. Swim cut short by rain.
14th           Sorting TEE books and those for sale.
15th           Hillcrest PTA committee. Grace Onamusi delivered Evangelical press books.
16th           Sorting EP books. Grace to dinner.
17th           Picked upmTEE New Testament Survey, part 2, from printers. Viewing a plot on Miango road that would be a place to buy for Amazing Grace.
18th           Deb still not settled until evenings.
19th           Preparing Colossians for Hillcrest Sunday School. Took children for a swim. katy not strong all week. Supervision of guards turned over to Alan Woods. Kebabs for supper. Generator needed in evening.
20th            Taught Col 1 at Hillcrest Sunday School. Justin at HS on Ananias and sapphire. Swimming.
21st           Traffic congestion. Went with Dele to view a plot of land.
22nd          Party for Rachel's sixth birthday. Working with garbage on a contextualisated approach to worship for a Hausa Muslim convert church. His creed I said should not be the Apostles as that is in part a mere transliteration of words like church, baptism and catholic. So he came up with,' There is no God but Gos and Jesus Christ is the Word of Gos, Spirit if God and Son of God'. Only the last phrase is a contradiction of what a Muslim confesses.
23rd            More contextualisation with garbage. Katy's first morning teaching piano at Hillcrest. Deb left with Sue Ladipo cried for an hour and a half. Still not sleeping much.
24th             Five bookshops did not buy. One did.
25th             Dele came with orders form Kaduna and Abeokuts. Start of Miango conference. Met Hugh Jones and his bride Elizabeth.
26th             Good message from John Dean on Feb 5-6.
27th             Hillcrest Sunday School on Col 2 then back to Miango where I am able to so some book selling.
28th             Back to Jos. Hillcrest PTA. Delayed at road block. Failed to get a motion through on repeated requests for an observer on the governing body of the school.
29th              Trip to UK approved by Daniel Bitrus the COIN general secretary.
30th               Orders placed with two publishers.

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