Saturday, June 23, 2018

The changing world (133) Mar to Apr 84

Mar 5th Congregational meeting.
6th         Met Mt Tombs Jonathan's teacher. While I was at work the Ealing visage rape took place less than a mile from me. Michael Saward the vicar was beaten with his cricket bat and his daughter raped. Interviewed in his hospital bed he was asked if he forgave the criminals. He replied that his first concern was justice. sadly the sentences passed on the evil thugs were not appropriate though the judge later contributed to Jill Saward's charity so showing some admission of his error in the trial.
8th         Day off and met with Dawes owner of Pickups Pharmacy hayes and about ten others. He was to give me a job then sack me when I asked for more money. A thoroughly dis likable man. One rep asked him why he was also rude only to be told it was because he had no reason to be nice to him. Iy appears he was a decent man at the start when he had one shop but with success came overweening arrogance. his passion was money and horticulture. Te first of my worst three employers. Two of the there were Jewish but so was the best employer too.
9th         Larsons to dinner.
12th       Session meeting.
13th       Barnes to dinner with Seabers and Sarah Archer.
Apr 1st  Geoffrey Aiken to dinner.
2nd        Session meeting.
5th         Last day Butterys.
7th         Met up with Procters.
15th       Lunch at Braithwaites.By then I must have bought my old Peugeot 504 estate. But I was still cycling to work.
27th       Minuses from Australia to dinner.
28th       Abrahams to dinner.

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