Thursday, June 28, 2018

The changing world (141) May 86

May 4th I led for Larry preaching. Elliott in the evening.
5th         To Newport for the day. In our late return we saw the unforgettable snooker of Denis Taylor  facing Steve Davis, world number one, reigning world champion and the dominant player of the 1980s. Taylor trailed 0–8 after the first session, but bounced back to trail 7–9 and 15–17 and then level at 17–17. In an incredibly tense final frame, the score was 62–44 to Davis with only the brown, blue, pink and black still on the table. While Davis needed only the brown, Taylor needed all the colours. He potted a long brown, which he says was one of his best ever shots under pressure.
A tricky blue and a difficult pink also went in, bringing the score to 62–59 to ensure that, for the first time ever, the title would be decided on the black ball. Taylor eventually potted the black after Davis had missed a tricky cut into the top pocket and, amid euphoric scenes watched by over 18 million viewers well after midnight on live BBC television, took the title at the relatively advanced age of 36.
8th           The local election that changed my life. Ealing, population 343,000,  is a borough which changes control between the major two parties. Conservatives had been in power for four years thanks to the 1982 Falklands factor. Labour ousted them this day and introduced us to the Loony left. In their first year the rates went up over 60% and in the next over 39% and thanks to this Thatcher introduced rate capping, central government control of local taxation. She also introduced Section 28 of the education Act to prevent local councils promoting homosexuality. Ealing and Haringey led the way. To our surprise we had a gay and lesbian subcommittee now and a proposed equality policy in education which informed us that 'homosexuality is equally valid'. This energised me and I joined forces with other outraged residents . We formed the non party political Ealing parents Action group to lobby the council against this proposed policy. Most of those active were Christians but I made sure we had a non sectarian statement of purpose. I knew followers of any religion would be opposed to this reverted belief. Leading on the council's education committee was Hilary Benn, second son of the famous former Labour cabinet mister and former peer, Tonu Benn. I got to know him quite well in the next twelve years. I was elected chairman of the parents group and headed a local media campaign. On the other side the biggest local voice was Terry Sanderson later a Pink News journalist and now with his live in partner the leading lights in the National Secular Society. Elliott and I even had an invite to their home to discuss matters. The council had two other lefty subcommittees, Women's and Nuclear Free Zone. The latter had signs proclaiming the borough boundaries to be nuclear free. I am sure the Soviets paid close attention. After all NATO command headquarters were close by in the next borough at Northwood.
10th             To Braithwaites.
11th              Steve preached.
17th              Stocktaking.
18th              Preaching.
20th              Presbytery.
24th - 31st    Holiday at Fordham farm near Bude in Cornwall.

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