Thursday, June 28, 2018

The changing world (140) Feb-Apr 86

Feb 1st To Myra and Dorothy in Newport.
 2nd      Steve preached
9th        Joe preached.
11th      Presbytery at Kim's.
16th      Joe preached
18th      Pharmaceutical Society branch meting.
23rd     Steve preached. Doris became part of the church around this time. Larry organised outreach to Copley Close estate and we prayed for some tenants from there to be part of the church and move us from being evangelical middle class. Yes Doris was an answer to prayer but we did not expect to have to help sort our personal care issues and have an elderly lady with a young male cohabit in tow. Stephen had mental health problems. devoted to Doris, if she came to church so did he.

This month Kat's mother died of breast cancer. She was in Potters Bar cottage hospital stoically refusing to bother the staff for analgesics. She went from paracetamol to diamorphine shortly before she died. One good thing. Afterwards, who had no profession of faith, became a regular active Methodist.
Mar 2nd Joe preached
4th          Lectured at WEC. Session.
9th          Steve preached.
11th        At WEC again.
16th        Steve preached.
23rd        Steve preached.
28th        Joe preached on Good Friday
30th        Majiagbes to lunch - John's father and step mother.
Apr 6th   Brian Boddy visited us. Larry Beckler ordained as deacon.
9th          Making parsnip wine. Not it turns out a tasty one. My best were dried bilberries for red and elderflower for white.
12th        Gledhills to dinner.
13th        Steve preached.
15th        Making peach wine.
20th        Steve preached.
26th        Wendy Barber and Lawry to dinner.
27th        Steve preached.

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