Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The changing world (134) May-Aug 84

May      Working at Pickups Hayes. Cycled each day along the A40. Very bust pharmacy but with a couple of good dispensers who I later persuaded to work for my next employer leaving the awful Dawes. The shop also had a very large photography department. If I was called out at night with the burglar alarm sounding it was with thieves looking for camera equipment of for drugs as we dispensed to addicts. One of the latter presented a script, private, twice and it was then wrongly dispensed by a locus as I had failed to record all  the details. I told the drug squad and was let off with a warning. On another occasion I phoned up St Marys to ask if they were happy with how long a certain addict had been on a big dose of methadone. It is well known that they sell it on. I was told they never reduced doses unleaded the patient asked for it. So they were not trading addicts at all, merely maintaining them. That is why I am against methadone for junkies. No-one gives me single malt on the NHS. Also while in Hayes I did the odd locus for a nearby shop owned by a Shi'ite Muslim. It was appallingly unethical and I think I reported her to the Pharmaceutical Society. She had also had an improper relationship with one of her female assistants.
15th           Francis Schaeffer died
Jun 5th      Presbytery.  
18th           Congregational meeting.
25th           Schaeffer memorial service at All Souls. Very disappointed no mention of him founding the IPC. Was this a sop to the Anglicans? Stott never agreed with IPC starting.
Aug 11       Holiday in Yorkshire with John Majiyagbe. John was often with us in his Canterbury public school vacations. I was his official guardian. His father was a top international lawyer in Kano. His divorced mother was a justice of appeal and the first Hausa woman to be called to the bar. She later became Nigeria's chief justice. John was the same age as out David . He fitted in well. The only problem I recall was the time he was to fly to Nigeria but he has left his passport at school. We retrieved it but it was a logistical nightmare. By this time my parents had moved from Skipton Bridge house, home since 1952, to their Thirsk bungalow. These were the only two properties they ever owned.
Aug 20th   Discoverers.

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