Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The changing world (136) Jan-Apr 85

Jan 1st Excellent day at Braithwaites.
2nd      Gardening. Visited Jacobs in Luton. Scargill seems determined to bring down Thatcher with his militancy. I am with Maggie.I will not contribute a penny for striking miners.
3rd       Family treated free by Howard Hallett. Ethiopian Jews airlifted to Israel.
4th       Overends visited and he took the children to the Natural history Museum.
5th       Freezing all day.
6th       Two inches of snow. Led for Steve. katy to hear Joe in the evening.
7th        Schools in. So cold took the car to work. David had first cornet lesson.Session.
8th        Day off.
9th        Welly proved naughty and delinquent in dog training.
11th       Katy away for music weekend.
12th       Stocktaking.
13th       Elliott and Joe preaching.
14th       Day off.
15th       Led prayer meeting.
21st       Congregational meeting.
23rd       day off.
Feb 10th  Led worship.
25th         Elders day away at Jordans.
Mar 1st Led service.
17th         Steve and Joe preached
18th         Day off. lectured at WEC.
25th         Session
26th         Day of prayer.
31st         Steve preached
Apr 2nd   Presbytery.  Lack of diary a symptom of depression?
5th           Elliott preached Good Friday
7th           Led for Steve preaching.
14th          Elliott and Steve preached.
16th          Pharmaceutical Society branch meeting. These were not usually memorable except for one on hypnosis.
21st           Steve and Joe preached.
26th           Session
27th          Off work. Pickering at Marie Stokes abortion clinic Mattock Lane.
28th          I reached, Elliott in evening.
29th          Day off. Congregational meting.

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