Saturday, June 16, 2018

The changing world (116) Jun 82

Jun 1st Garba checked Dick's doctrine MS which I then took to Foron.
2nd      TEE committee on editorial procedures for COCIN.
3rd        Scherazade restaurant for Boer's 20th wedding anniversary.
4th        Pricing children's toys for sale.
6th        To Kafanchan day trip.
7th         Work with garbage on doctrine MS.
8th         COCIN Hausa committee planned new courses.
9th         Dental filling at Miango. Larsons offer accommodation and tell of a UCCF job vacancy.
10th       MS checking. TEE accounts done. Items put out for sale.
11th       Ditto.
12th       Took Bulmer's children to Foron with the book. English cultural evening at a Nigerian's home.
13th       Sproules to lunch. Pleased to see Belgium beat Argentina which we watched on TV as start of World Cup.
14th       TEE committee at last appoint a principal. Brazil beat Russia coming from behind. David came home from school with four stitches over his eye. Accidentally hit by his teacher's hockey stick.
15th        Argentinian army surrenders. Saw Peru draw with Cameroon. Scots beat kiwis and Hungary thrash El Salvador.
16th        Handing Hausa materials to Barbara Smith. COCIN leaders say it has been a communication problem and they assumed I would continue with COCIN until Amazing grace received an immigration quota.But I was never so consulted on this. Algeria beat West Germany, England beat France. Spain and Honduras draw.
17th          Finished doctrine book with garbage. Now translating preaching book. Garba says that parch all's New paths in Muslim Evangelism could have been written in Nigeria. Austria beat Chile. Draws between Czechs and Kuwait, Yugoslavia and N Ireland.
18th          Translating and checking. Bought batiks. Children in school production. Italy draw with Peru. Argies beat Hungary. Brazil, by far the best team so far, beat the Scots.
19th          Sorting goods for sale. Boys overnight with Drews. Poland and Cameroon draw. Belgium beat El Salvador and USSR beat New Zealand.
20th         Translating. Drews here for tea. Germans beat Chile, England beat Czechs and Spain beat Yugoslavia.
21st          Told Colin Smith how things need to change between the expats and the church. Checking translation with garbage. Callcots to lunch.  Austria beat Algeria. France beats Kuwait. Honduras and n Ireland draw.
22nd         Inteviewed by COCIN executive and said my piece. Handing over TEE accounts. Poland beat Peru, Draws between Belgium and Hungary, Scotland and USA.
23rd         Handing over Hausa materials. Looking for air freight company. Started writing grab's testimony. Italy and Cameroon draw. Argentina beat El Salvador and Brazil beat New Zealand.
24th          Took Deb for yellow fever jab. Finished Garba's testimony. Packing books. Finished application for UCCF overuses students secretary job. Algeria beat Chile. France and Czechs draw. Yugoslavia beat Honduras.
25th           Packing. hausa and TEE books handed over to Barbara Smith. Miss Knight says Jonathan tries but his work is below the grade. W Germany beats Austria. England beats Russia. Scotland lose to New Zealand.
26th           Selling goods at SIM sale.
27th           Writing a prayer letter and trying to make it palatable to SUM, Welwyn church and Aunt Myra.
28th           Packing and weighing cases. Lunch out at a restaurant with Boers. Gave paper on contexualisated approach to Hausa Muslims at Theological Society. William Arthur Phillip Louis is the new prince of Wales. Poland beat Belgium, France beat Austria,
29th           Encouraged by non-critical letter from SUM. Packing office. Selling. Supper at Drews with wine and cheese. Germany beat England, Italy beat Argentina.
30th          Checking flights at Sabena office. Packing. Supper at Smiths.

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