Saturday, June 16, 2018

The changing world (119) Sep 82

Sep 1st To Christchurch School to enrol the boys. Knells took us to Burnham Beeches.Wet picnic in pleasant woods.
2ns        Submitted claims for free school meals. Katy took Rachel to St Saviours. in same class as Larson twins. Mr Carol put Jonathan in Christchurch 4A and David in 2B. Seem very happy.
3rd         Translating and talking plans with Steve.
4th          Mended bike tyres for Katy.
5t h         Preached at IPC. Picnic there and volleyball.
6th          Took children to school by bus but delayed and so they were late.
7th           Start of Dobson films  Focus on family at St Johns. Good stuff on anger not being effective in discipline.
8th          Depressed and lethargic.
9th          Katy complains I am uncaring and I admit to selfishness..
10th         Still inactive.
11th         Lunch with Weales. He is unemployed at present. They go to Hayes Evangelical.
12th         Led IPC service then Lord's Supper. Picnic at IPC and volleyball. Preached Potters Bar Evangelical.
13th         At Sidcup. SUM council did not approve any payment for translation. Took a Nigerian student to an Oxford St college. IPC prayer at Knells.
14th         Back to Bible reading after a week off. Translating again. Dobson films on adolescence not so good. Rather secular psychology.
15th         Translating. No north london church possibility.
16th         Translating. Now 1,385,000 Muslims in UK.
17th         Finished translating preach the Word.
18th         Applied for ELT job. One and a half hours with children on bus to Chessington zoo.
19th         Nigerian student to church and lunch. Cooked chicken curry. Took our three to Crusaders.Only three at evening service.
20th         Started translating Old Testament introduction part three. Steve says church will support us to do evangelism part time. Elliott says we can stay a year.
21st          Translating. EMA Muslim world group Kensington. Met Castro of IMF and Keith Wood of BMMF. Two Dobson films helpful husbands and wives.
22nd         Party for Rachel. Three weeks. Four Hosiers. Two parsons. Angharad. Deacons want me evangelising two days a week.
23rd          EMA contacts helpful. hard of Arab Christians in Ealing. Visited Judy Cradock and her Nigerian friends.
24th          Victor H Carlyle Road hospitable Arab Christians.
25th           To Leapers at Platt. Rodney about to become M O D regional engineer in charge of midlands contract surveillance. Walk in Kent woods. Arranged for Rodney to lodge with Clarks near Birmingham. Lost coming back through London.
26th            Steve preached well in the morning. Lunch at Judy Cracks. Spoke at evening IPC.
27th            To In Contact after translating. Patrick Sookdheo falloff ideas and would offer work. Prayer at Knells.
28th             Took rachel out on roller skates with deb walking. Met haven Green minister.
29th             To Sidcup and asked for translation payment. Visiting for evangelism.
30th             Cycled to WEC Bulstrode. David Burnet may offer me some lectures. Advert for a house in Evangelical Times.

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