Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The changing world (124) Feb 83

Feb 1st Geoffrey back to York. Piece on me in Banner magazine. Took Bible study on Hosea. progressing on word processing.
2nd       Lunch at WEC and booked a course to teach. Dinner at Michelson's. He is from a wealthy Colombian family. They eventually left IPC and he went back to Rome - the Tridentine faction no less.
3rd        Dr Ebrahim at GOS says CT scan shows Jonathan has a lesion. Referred to neurology. Visited Graham Mytton at BBC Hausa. Deb fever and vomiting.
4th       Deb not well. Chinese staff from the embassy round to talk.
5th       Deb not eating but stopped vomiting. Visited Hassens and showed Nigeria slides.
6th       In Larson's car to Alperton Gospel Hall. Elizabeth Franklin took me to visit a ken Pakistani Muslim. Weales took me to preach at Hayes.
7th        Met Bob Sheehan in town who explained Welwyn's anger with us. Unjustified IMO. We chase to be at IPC because we were offered accommodation. Middletons visited us with their handicapped baby son David. IPC congregational meeting.
8th         Strangers at church begging so took them to lunch. EMA Muslim world group making contacts. Met Mrs Mark, head, and Mrs Beasley Rachel's teacher.
9th          Spoke at Maivhael Flandres centre. Lunch with Steve. Trevor Wells visited us.
10th        Visited John Parry, neo-orthodox but has immigrant contacts. Anne barker and baby James visited us.
11th        Visited mr Yang, Chinese embassy.Went to see Catherine Hodgkinson ins not well in East Dulwich. Dinner with holdings at Weales.
12th         Took Rachel and Jonathan kite flying in snowy park.
13th         Steve's preaching more theological than expository. Visited hassan back from Nigeria.
14th         With Yau at embassy but limited English hampers conversation on religion.
15th          With Diedre Ducker to Cynthia Kim's fathers funeral. Took Bible study on Hosea.
16th          Visited Dr Naser in Alperton. A Muslim with no concept of sin.
17th           Depressed. Macbeth at Upstream Theatre well done.
18th           Depressed all week.
19th           With Jonathan to Heathrow to meet gulls but they had come on an earlier fight.Missed Hemmings too.
20th            Preached at Kings Cross Korean IPC with translation. Steve on apologetics at evening IPC.
21st             Met three embassy staff at church. Day of prayer not well attended.
22nd            Day return to Newport to visit Kinnears.
23rd            Howard ballet repaired a molar. Evangelistic visiting.
24th            Reading on revelation and inspiration.
25th            Evangelistic visitation.
26th            By bus to Braithwaites. John drove us back.
27th            In Hui's Volvo to Liss. Preached. Lunch with John and Jill Barrs. Visited Boddingtons. Evening reception at Chinese embassy.
28th            Better after two weeks depression. Talk with Chinese staff, Afghan Gulnabee and Hassan wives.

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