Wednesday, June 06, 2018

The changing world (108) Aug 81

Aug 1st With family and Sue Davies to wildlife park.
2nd        Justin preaching Jon3. Took lots of ticks from Niko's ears. Stockitts and Sue to lunch.
3rd         Hausa teaching all morning.
4th         Ditto.
5th         Dutch SUM representatives to dinner.
6th         Poorly attended prayer meeting at HQ.
7th         Finished short Hausa course. Debbie has a second tick.
8th         To Drews for lunch.
9th         Marion Mollenhaur to lunch. Swimming. No power from 1pm.
10th       Started Hausa refresher course with six students. Giving Hausa exams. Power only 11am to 6pm.
11th        Stocktaking and selling books. David Smith called bringing a new missionary from kano.
12th        Packing for Ife.
13th        5:45 from Jos 710 Km to Omu Aran in 9 hours + with only one stop for petrol and police. Enjoyed my pipe and nine Al Martin sermon cassettes en route. Hawayar, Keffi, Hasarawa, Toto, Abuja, Lokoja, Kabba. Kind hospitality from Lones family.
14th         178 Km to Ife via Ajasse, Offa, Osobbo, Gbongan. One vigilante road block. Dele arrived and we looked for a place for book selling.
15th         Taken for hotel breakfast. had carpenters do five stands and started book selling.
16th          Bed 1am as I was guarding the books. Selling all day.
17th          Book selling
18th          Ditto.
19th          Ditto.
20th          Ditto.
21st           Ife to Jones at Omu Aran with Del. Sold books to university bookshop.e
22nd          Eleven hours to Jos with Peter Dominy. Heavy rain.
23rd           SIM lady stabbed by burglar. Justin preached on Numbers. Ladipos to lunch. Katy asked to teach music at Hillcrest one morning a week.
24th            Thirty hours no power. Someone's watchman attacked last night. Deb now very mobile but unsettled with a cold.
25th            Unpacking books. Sold some to a visitor. Checking Hausa refresher course.
26th            Musical evening at Hillcrest. Sam King SIM from Korea wants help with Hausa.
27th            Yemi Ladipo took me to visit campus Crusade HQ.
28th            Giving Hausa exams.
29th            Lunch at Owers. Woods arrived and with us for supper.
30th            Justin preached on Jude.Swimming. David is now collecting butterflies.
31st             Gave colloquial Hausa tests. Robyn Fenton Smyth to dinner.

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