Friday, June 08, 2018

The changing world (111) Nov 81

Nov 1st Church at Skipton. Visits from Geoffrey, sara, William and Joyce.
2nd        Day visit to the banner of truth, Edinburgh. Box of Havanas from William. A gift from his son who did not know Joyce had banned him smoking.
3rd         Train York to Kings Crioss, Welwyn and potters bar. Good hospitality at Reddingtons.
4th          Shopping Potters bar and St Albans. Dinner at Clarks. Spoke at Welwyn.
5th          Took case for freight from Heathrow and am still overweight for flying.
6th           7:45 Heathrow for 8:15 plane. How things were before present security checks! Kano 5pm via Amsterdam. Dele met me. Cheese and apples through customs OK.
7th            Home in under four hours. We killed a wild boar in a game reserve. Dele, driving asked if he should hit it. Before I said it could damage the van he had killed it. We his it in the van lest it be taken from us at a road block. Butchered it. 200lb  divided with Dele. Expats said it would have worms. It did not. I am told it would lost over three times that of pool.
8th            Taught Col 3 at Hillcrest.
9th             Theologicl Society Kohoen on problem of evil.
10th           Fourteen students on new Hausa course.
11th           Sorting books. Trevor says TEE accounts do not balance.
12th           To Panama TEE supervisors. Trevor has sorted the TEE accounts.
13th            At Hillcrest told David's behaviour not good. Took a doctor from kano to Vom. for interview.
14th            Took boys and friends to wildlife park.
15th            Took Hillcrest Sunday school then preached at SIM Miango.
16th             To CAPRO. Rather bush. Eight students very welcoming.
17th             Lectures going well .
18th             Morning lectures . To Kafanchan  and Kagoro bookselling. Garba picked up and started lecturing for CAPRO.
19th              Garba's lectures appreciated. Good fellowship there and with Sue Davies too when I sold to a Kafanchan bookshop.
20th              Lectured in the morning. To Kafanchan then Kagoro book selling.
21st              Back to Jos. Deb has four teeth. Thick harmattan. Petrol available. September allowance paid.
22nd            Taught at Hillcrest. Preached at Miango on Rev 6-7. Oakleys, Hinds and Jones there.
23rd             TEE subcommittee.Borno to start TEE. Putting up books for Maiduguri bookshop. Only two hours power all day.
24th              Picked up TEE books from printers. Gave Hausa exams. Power from 9am.
25th               Katy teaching in the morning. Doing TEE correspondence.
26th                Deb has six teeth and walks when she wants to.
27th                With Geof Kinmber and Jean Wells to pastors college graduation. On the way back we hit a car which emerged in front of us. he was drunk.
28th                 Butchered beef. Cold swim. Subbuteo with Jonathan.
29th                Col 4 at Hillcrest and twice preached Revelation at Miango. Went to see boys in their Christmas show.
30th                To Kano stocktaking.

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