Saturday, June 23, 2018

The changing world (128) Jun 83

Jun 1st Translating. Cooked curry for John Dobson to dinner.
2nd       Translating. Shared with Steve my depression at church's lack of response to Southall plans.
3rd        Dyt return by rail to Newport.
4th        Translating.
5th        Steve preached in the morning and I led communion. The Nigerian pharmacist called pleading he is not a bad husband but a careless one too busy making money and he wants to be reconciled to his wife. Final talk on worship. Only four there.
6th        Westminster Fellowship addressed by an brother from India who gave encouraging report of church growth there. Talked with Roger marsh and pastors from Hounslow and Cranleigh. Encouraging session meeting with Elliott there too.
7th        Translating. Temporary crown from Howard Hallett. He used to be Lloyd-Jones dentist too.
8th         At Michael Flanders. Found the woman who questioned the trinity is Mormon. Considering doing a survey in Southall. Gulnabee the Afghan visited and ate with us. He wants to return home.
9th          SUM event at LCM. John Audu, Deborah Dusu, Sheila Burns. Met Paul Oakley, Brian Boddy, Brian Swain, Trevor Wells and Dave Bickel.Talked with Elliott about Gulnabee who blows hot and cold. General election
10th         Sermon prep after rising 4am for election results. Thatcher has a safe working majority. Greenway increases his. Ate at Raju's. Says church lacks direction.
11th          Took children to music then to rachel's sorts day in Lammas Park. She came third in sack race. Hosiers, Huis, Abrahams and parsons there. Thatchers cabinet more to the right.
12th           P{reached IPC. Knells to tea. Baptism of Iranian Bassey's daughter at South Hanewll.
13th           Sermon prep. Met with Thelma Soremekun. Deacons at Clowneys.
14th           Prayer with Steve. Chat with a Chinese doctor and with Hassan.
15th           I hear my Michael Flanders work is appreciated and numbers have increased. Gavin France to supper. Visited an unsuitable house in Southall.
16th           Sermon prep and for visit to Alperton Muslim in afternoon after I saw Rachel's teacher who says she is doing well but needs more friends.
17th            Cut grass with Joe's ride on mower. Had a babysitter so we could both discus plans with Abrahams in Acton.
18th             Took the children to music school. Walked back. More mowing. David Smith and family to lunch. Watched Hanwell carnival procession. Viewed a house that seems suitable in Southall.
19th            In Simon's Fiat to preach twice at Jack Jenner's Cheshunt Baptist. After church spoke on witness to Muslims.
20th             The subject of IUDs and abortion has aroused debate. IUDs prevent implantation so IMO  do not disrupt a pregnancy but prevent conception which occurs at implantation not fertilisation. Many fertilised eggs are lost naturally. It is not mourned as significant. So I am not unhappy with IUSs. Others differ. Church meeting continues my support.
21st             Study. Prayed with Steve. Chat with Chinese. Mary Cooper took me to see her late mother's house but her sister living there was out.
22nd            Spoke at Michael Flanders. Visited one sick church member and the Chinese. Met Elizabeth Curry, BMMF, and discussed Southall.
23rd             Lift from Hassan to Evangelical Library. Chat with Chinese. Tooth crowned by Howard Hallett. Barnes to dinner. He will act as our solicitor for hose conveyancing.
24th              Cycle to Southall. David Bronnert very establishment Anglican would want me to work through established groups. Arthur Imbrey FIEC more encouraging. Had to walk back pushing the bike with a puncture. Had a babysitter to go to Larson's buffer and share dance.
25th              Children to music. Boys make slow progress. Rachel seems good on recorder. To Hyde Park SPUC rally. Stott excellent. Schaeffer not so relevant to UK. Tape from Mother Theresa. Muggeridge some too. Quick march to Trafalgar Square. Jonathan did well carrying a banner.
26th              Edgar McKenzie rising speaker twice at IPC. Borrowed Simos's Volvo to tale family to Crusader's birthday service then Rachel to a birthday party in Chiswick by the river.
27th             Used Larson's car to move the family back to 52 but I stayed overnight at Spring Cottage still.
28th             Picked Martins up from Heathrow. Not a word said about how Katy had cleaned the kitchen.
29th             Spoke at Michael Flanders.
30th              Took Jonathan to see Twyford school.


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