Monday, June 18, 2018

Diary w/e 16 June 2018

Sun 10 Jun

A treat to have Prof Jonny Gibson of Westminster Seminary preaching. I heard him in the morning on Martha and Mary then he'd to speed off home as we had forgotten to switch on the roast. I cooked lunch then in the evening was at Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre. I preached on Pentecost as I as not there that Sunday and I heard no mention of it at the time in two IPC churches. New detainees from Namibia, Ghana and Nigeria. Katy getting better after her D & V but it is a slow recovery.

Mon 11 Jun

Shopping at the garden centre for more plants to beautify the garden. A visitor from Manchester, Keith, here for the catalyst conference the next three days. We find that due to a genetic condition he cannot eat protein so Katy has a culinary challenge.

Tues 12 Jun.

200+ at IPC Catalyst Conference, Pentecostal Presbyteriansm - 12-14 June 2018 , Ealing Town Hall. Opening devotions from Jonty Rhodes of IPC Christ Church Central, Leeds , on the garden in the Wilderness. Prof Richard Gaffin on Pentecost and the gift of the Spirit. Chris Roberts gave an excellent lunchtime talk on Ecc 12 . Talk on the Spirit of Christ. — with Sinclair B. FergusonJonny Gibson on Worship:Biblical Theology . We have another lodger, James Buchanan our pastor from Liss with us until Presbytery on Friday.

Wed 13 Jun

Second day of IPC Catalyst conference. Jonty Rhodes excellent on the Mountain of the Lord, the burnt offering Lev 1. Dick Gaffin gave us Pentecost and the gifts of the Spirit. Excellent on how natural gifts are spiritual. Pretty well cessationist. Discerning spiritual gifts should not be individualistic but corporate. Gifts are for the service of the church and great gifts, like Paul's , may go along with weakness too. Sinclair Ferguson has the graveyard postprandial shift on the Spirit of Sonship than Australian Mark Earney was stimulating on the history of worship and the development of reformation liturgies. Housegroup 1 Sam 21 tonight.

Thu 14 Jun

I left Catalyst at lunchtime at feeling very well. Seventh cut of lawn.

Fri 15 Jun

Presbytery was well attended. But I am not happy with increasing evidence of clericalism. Good local Chinese takeaway for dinner. saw second half of great game, Spain 3 Portugal 3 with breathtaking Ronaldo free kick to level the score after Spain twice came back from behind.

Sat 16 Jun

Am I alone in thinking this Grenfell commemoration is over the top with a minutes silence and children wearing green? Are we becoming maudlin, sentimental and un- English again like over Diana? Yes it was the worst loss of life in a fire since WW2 but IMO way OTT.
   The first decent game in Russia with a superb free kick from the unlikeable Portuguese. Very good Chinese takeaway discovered at the end of our road.

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