Monday, June 18, 2018

The changing world (120) Oct 82

Oct 1st Visited Ron George, Brethren, Tunbridge. Islamics degree from SOAS. Showed me work by Heskett on West African Islam. May want me to help in Muslim awareness seminars.
2nd        IPC harvest supper. Too cold and salad for me.
3rd         Steve good at family harvest service. Children took gifts.I cooked chicken curry then took children to crusaders. Eighteen at my evening study which is better but one member monopolises the discussion.
4th         SUM agree to pay for translation. Liz Clough has died of a stroke. Daughter of Arthur Bennett on The valley of Vision.
5th         Train to Greatham. Presbytery agrees I should be recognised as an elder.
6th          Visited randy Lawler of Operation Mobilisation, elder at St Johns Wood Strict baptist Church. Want me to do Arab work with him. Visited Hassans. He is in charge of the Nigerian Daily Times Office in the city. Happy for me to visit his two wives in purdah in Ealing as they have little English.
7th          Fire lit for the first time. Visited library and some evangelistic calls for IPC.
8th          To Whitefield's Memorial Hall Tottenham Court Road but the only Nigerians were Yoruba.
9th          Train day return with children to see Aunty Myra in Newport and discus her will and future plans.
10th        Hassan not at home but his wives pleased to meet our family.
11th        Moving books to church where I can have an office.
12th        Keith Wood, BMMF, says a co-ordinator needed for immigrant work.
13th        Spoke at Michael Flanders Centre, Acton. Visited Twyford C of E High School as Jonathan will be in secondary school next year.
14th        After I put children on the bus for school I sorted my office at church. Very good mexican dinner with Bickley at parsons.
15th        Katy and I have caught the bug that has had deb sick for three days.
16th        To YMCA in town, former ANMC students fellowship. met Anthony Robson. The new habit of children calling parents by their forenames seems strange. Jonathan vomited all over his bed
17th       Joe martin preached in the morning and I took evening bible study. Afternoon spoke to Overseas fellowship of Nigerian Students.
18th       Visited UCCF worker for advice on student congas. Evangelistic visiting.
19th        Sermon preparation and translating.
w0th       To Heathrow to pick up a Ugandan couple from USA for Knells. But they are not the destitute we were led to believe. Four friends round for David's tenth birthday.
21st        Decline to take Ugandans into London. Translating. Filling ny Howard ballet who did not charge. Special fondue supper for David.
22nd       Interviewed by John Stott and Nigel Sylvester for Evangelical literature trust job. Train to Thirsk.
23rd        To John Thompson, Bradford, them Idle Evangelical Church.
24th        Preached at Pollard park Evangelical. Evening too and back to Skipton.
25th        Walk to canton. Visited John Legg who is leaving teaching.
26th        Cooked tandoori. To visit G Gordon and talk about Fellowship of faith for Muslims.
27th        Home to Ealing by train. Did not get Evangelical literature trust job.
28th        With Jonathan to Dr Ebrahim at Great Ormond Street.
29th        Katy took family to potters bar. Duplicated church newsletter.
30th        Braithwaites took us to Barnett for lunch and promised regular support. David Drew stayed overnight en route to USA.

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