Friday, June 29, 2018

The changing world (144) Oct-Nov 86

Oct 4th Kellenbergs to dinner.
5th        Elliott preached then me.
11th      Stocktaking.
12th      Harvest Sunday. Larry preached then me.
14th      Parents Action Group.
16th     Free Church federal Council. I failed to get any of the politically active over homosexuality. Too many pietists and Labour supporters. Michael award, vicar of St Marys was supportive. he parted company with Butler, his bishop, who failed to support a Southall curate in conflict with the Council. It was over care in the Community - housing for those discharged from mental hospital long term care. A housing trust was to be set up, Christian. Anyone would be house irrespective of sexuality. But staff would be Christian and the curate in charge would not sign the council's equal opportunity policy on sexuality. Butler, the bishop, supported the council. not his curate.
19th     Elliott preached.
20th    To Skipton for half term.
26th    Elliott preached.
28th    ladies to dinner.
Nov 12th John with us for half term.
2nd          Larry preached.
4th          Met with ealing Council of churches who I do not recall helping the Parents Action Group which met too.
8th           Drs Anna and M C Matthews from Vellore Christian Hospital India to dinner. No-one knows MC's forename. He was a communist as a student, was converted and his life is devoted as a consultant paediatrician to helping outcast disabled children. He was at GOS Hospital.
10th       John back to school. Elliott preached. Braithwaites to lunch.
15th       Presbyterian Conference, Cole Abbey. Talks by the pastor, John Rich;s, Ed Clowney and Donald Macleod. Out od this was to come eventually the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of England and Wales. I do not know why they were not closer to IPC from the start. I was to preach regularly at their Cambridge Church plant. As denominations we are like two overlapping circles and I want to see us as one in time. Some in IPC think EPCEW too truly reformed wanting to crowd every T and dot all the eyes, very conservative. Some in EPCEW want us together. Others have thought us too easy going and imprecise. Well we are now better organised and growing as they are.
16th      I preached.
17th      Congregational meeting.
18th      Debbie birthday party. One classmate was Felix Gummer, son of the cabinet minister.
20th      Met Harry Greenway and Parents Action Group.
25th      Parent's Action Group
29-30th Synod.

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