Tuesday, June 05, 2018

The changing world (107) Jul 81

Jul 2nd TEE preparation and work on Amazing Grace books.
3rd        Packed big book order for Maiduguri bookshop. Made cizaki jam which failed to set.
4th        Onigbinde supermarket wants books.
5th        Gideons took service at HQ. David screamed with a bee sting.
6th        To Gindiri for course on TEE at Pastors College.Lunch with Gulas, dinner Joyce Milverton.
7th         Rev Bitrus teaching the course. Dinner with Pam Benton.
8th         Finished Gindiri course. Home amid a lot of rain.
9th         Doing TEE accounts. No power.
10th       Dele here for lunch prior to a trip to USA. Planning Amazing grace bookend. Rots in Kano because the governor wishes to remove the emir.
11th       Dele called. he had not returned to Kano because of news of arson but now it seems quiet. Short swim in cold rain. Uplifted after six weeks of depression.
12th       Poor Nigerian preaching at HQ. Children to swim.
13th       Children started holiday Bible club at Plateau Chapel. Some books sold to Albishir bookshops. Power off. generator on.
14th       Took children t Bible club including a reluctant Rachel who then enjoyed it. farewell service and meal for Rev Damina Bawado.
15th        Lilian Blenco and Joyce Milverton to dinner.
16th        Spoke to students at Bokkos Secondary on youth and the church and holiness. Sold books there and to Vom hospital bookshop. Beth Mullan to dinner.
17th        Took Niko to the vet for worming and a tick bath. Soaked! Bought two lovebirds and cage. Ricked up TEE looks from printers.
18th         Abattoir then butchering. Heavy rain. No power until 6pm. Weeding. Work on TEE books and bookselling.
19th         Justin on Jonah  1 at HQ. Dutch missionaries from Izi visiting us.
20th         17 enrolled for short Hausa course. Ladies from Qha Ibo mission took books.
21st          Teaching went well in the morning. Sue davies here on business and holiday.
22nd         Power on and off. Sue Davies to lunch, Dearsleys to dinner.
23rd         Max Lord and Trevor Weekly to lunch. Three thieves tried to break into Hausa school.
24th         No power until noon.
25th         Bible suit preparation then gardening. We have beans, cucumbers and turnips available now. Sacked drunken watchman.
26th          Justin on Jonah 2 at HQ. Peters, Wilkins and Williams to lunch. NEPA off 2-11am only and unusually, no tain.
27th          Taught Hausa. Sold TEE books to HEKAN and bought English ones from Challenge.
28th           Jean Milverton and Sue Davies to dinner.
29th           Two Buzus employed as watchmen. Charles and Diana wedding on radio but not TV here with a failure to transmit via Lagos.
30th            To Foron for a day with the Bulmers. Some of the wedding on TV bit poor picture quality. Debbie now crawling.
31st             Second day of Muslim public holiday. Gardening. Swimming.

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