Saturday, June 23, 2018

The changing world (129) Jul 83

Jul 1st  Good conversation with an old Muslim at Southall mosque. Did some gardening at IPC. Gulnabee entertained me to supper in Southall.
2nd      Depression and anxiety over house purchase. Boys to music. Drove them and Samantha Farrell to Elstow. Cricket with church friends. Picnic. Moot Hall. Bedford Bunyan museum and meeting then St Johns. Overends brought us a washing machine.
3rd       Steve good at IPC. Gavin France and fiancee to lunch. Church meeting supportive of Southall plans but I am anxious.
4th        With Hassan to Daily Times office. Stanley Webb, Westminster fraternal, on healing. Surprisingly charismatic. I believe in healing by extraordinary means and ordinary but totally deny a gift of healing like the apostolic, 'Siver and gold have I none. In the name of Jesus Christ rise u and walk'. Today's pretended healers are charlatans who demand faith and/or money.
5th         Depressed.
6th         Visited two possible houses. Unsuitable.
7th          Gardening at IPC. Chat with Elliott helped be see my depression is fear of failure.
8th          Sermon prep. Looked at another house.
9th          Children to Questors music. Took Jonathan to choose school prize book. Took bots to Drayon High for interview with Ealing Junior Music School. Gardening. Southall mosque but everyone too busy with Ramadan preparations. Supper at hastens.
10th         Tony Wales preached. Recognised as an IPC Ealing elder. Elliott ordained too. Walk in park. Preached at Hosiers in evening.
11th         Depressed. Talked with Katy and elders. I am to write ups job description.
12th         Bank manager says I need a £14,000 salty for a mortgage, Convinced that means pharmacy full time. Katy says part time. I cannot then justify church support. Geoffrey Rowland says it needs evening work among Asian men. Spoke to rachel's brownies and then at hose group at Barnes.
13th        Michael Flanders centre then sermon prep. Told Steve I see my future to be pharmacy.
14th        Sermon prep and riding round Southall.
15th        Depressed. Sermon prep. Visit to Southall Park. Square dance at Larsons.
16th        Children to Questors music. Walk by canal with Rachel. Depressed. To park with family.
17th        Preached at IPC. Braithwaites here. Lunch in church garden. Tea at home. Evening preaching South Hanwell Baptist. Later at IPC visiting pastor from Denver good on church growth.
18th         Applied to reregister with the Pharmaceutical Society. All I needed was to pay the annual registration fee to regain my certificate. It would have been much more difficult in later years but I wayback in easily after resigning nine years before. Arthur Imbrey took me to a ministers fraternal in Twickenham. Went to see Jonathan receive the school home economics prize.
19th          Sermon prep. Judy to supper with her girls whose father has abandoned them again. He would go off in
20th          Spoke and appreciated at Michael Flanders. Told Ron Sniyh South hanwell Baptist I would do free church chaplaincy for him. Visited Christchurch school. Teachers pleased with the boys.
21st           Jonathan to GOS hospital where Dr Ebrahin says he is doing well and they can do nothing for him now.
22nd          Sermon prep. Children on holiday for simmer.
23rd           Shopping with Katy. As years went buy I did this less and less. Basic sexual difference is approach to shopping. Man makes up his mind quickly and buys. Woman dithers and asks advice and my advice id=s nearly always but it and move on.
24th           Preached twice for Digby James Mitchum Congregational. Lunch with them and walk in park. Willem Mollemaker arrived from Netherlands.
25th           Talked TEE with Willem. Pub lunch. David on holiday with crusaders
26th            Reviewing my first two books for Evangelical Times. House group at Barnes.
27th            Michael Flanders centre so[poke. Hazel King ex Katsina to lunch. She wants to marry a CAPRO Nigeria and go back with him. Greeted hastens.
28th             Bought David a cornet. Katy recording hymns for Michael Flanders centre.
29th             Sermon prep. Excellent IPC International Food Fair.
30th             Elders away day at Lion. Lack of systematic planning.
31st              Steve preached. Jacobs round in afternoon. Hassan in evening.

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