Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The changing world (135) Sep-Dec 84

Sep 4th  School term begins.
9th         Ivan Loew, NAM missionary and Larry Beckler to dinner. Mary became one of my best fronds most of whom are it seems American. larry was a Mennonite turned Presbyterian. His heritage got him Peace Coprs not the Vietnam draft. His home church, Grace and Peace PCA St Louis was his former employ. He was great friends with the pastor, a Middleman, brother to Udo of L'Abri. Larry was shocked and upset when later his formed pastor committed suicide when his sexual orientation was divulged. Larry came to us to be in mercy ministry and evangelism but no sooner was he here than Steve Bickley suddenly left us for the Proclamation Trust. Larry faced increased responsibilities. We ordained him as deacon first. As his ministry and preaching matured he became an elder but was never the pastor. Grab guy, big generous heart.
10th       Session meeting.
12th       Enrolled in Hanwell for evening class in vehicle maintenance and in building maintenance too.
18th       Presbytery.
23rd       Harvest festival with lunch.
24th        Congregational meeting.
Oct 19th Session.
21st         Arpie Joshua to dinner.
27th        Stocktaking.
28th         Barbara Luland to dinner.
31st          Joe and Lucy Woodcock to dinner, down from Wilmslow.
Nov 9-11th    Synod.
23rd               Session.
Dec 21st        Session.

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