Monday, June 11, 2018

The changing world (113) Jan - Mar 82

Until late March I have no daily diary entries.
Jan 6th Hillcrest semester started. TEE Association meeting.
8th       To Kaduna.
18th     Hausa course started.
Feb      Visit from Bill Clark EP.
             Told COCINs lawyer says ny secondment to Amazing Grace is not legal. Dele has no expatriate quota. COCIN has an unlimited on and had agreed to second me to work with dele. He took me to see lawyer John Majiyagbe. I do not easily impress but JM is a top lawyer. He gave me three questions for COCIN. Did the lawyer come as the result of a question from the church. If not, who was he working for as though he was retained by COCIN he would not give unsolicited advice. Lastly what law was being broken as JM said there was none broke. I took this to the COCIN General secretary who accused me of going to law against the church which no-one had done. he said the lawyer's advice was unsolicited but he would not ask who he was working for. So overnight I lost confidence in the church leadership. I wrote a letter to that effect to the executive committee. The chairman came and asked if I would amend the latter as the Hausa was very strong. I refused to withdraw it saying I knew how strong it was I was the Hausa teacher and grab had checked it. I said I would resign and wrote to the mission in England. I never found out who the COCIN lawyer was working for but I suspect the SIM/ECWA bookshops as they perceive Amazing grace to be competitors.
Mar 2nd Cartmels to dinner.
17th     First real rain of the year.
18th     Depressed.
19th     Jonathan overnight at Drews.
20th     Letter from SUM Sidcup asking me to withdraw my resignation. I will not.
21st     Katy to church. Swimming.
22nd   Bulmers visited us.
23rd    Worried to hear of a visit from immigration but it was not about us.
26th    Katy and children to Fiddler on the Roof.
27th    Pool out of action. No chlorine. Harmattan brings cooler days.
28th    Children in Hillcrest Palm Sunday production.
29th    We hear Aunt Myra will soon need our help with Dorothy so we now have another reason to resign, a respectable one.
31st    Finished Amazing grace catalogue.

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