Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The changing world (123) Jan 83

Jan 1st Played tag American football in mud. Cleaned Knells rabbits. Took Rachel out on roller skates and deb to Cleveland park.
2nd      Steve preached morning, me evening,. Few there.
3rd       Visited Hassan and had a ride in his Mercedes, a first for rme.
4th       Visited a lonely Kanuri Muslim student in Woolwich.
5th       Train to Birmingham. Met by Peter Clark.Lunch at their farm. Rachel and Jonathan went out on ponies.
6th       Very wet at Clark's farm
7th        Visited Stratford motor museum. Rachel watched peter milking.
8th        Back home . Katy and i to pantomime at town hall.
9th        Joe Martin morning, me evening. more there.
10th      Encouraged by gift from Bethel, Ripon. Churchill Hui now in offices next to church.
11th      Pub lunch with Steve. Writing prayer letter.
12th      Spoke at Michael Flanders Centre, Acton. Lunch at St Marys. CARE meeting well attended on AIDS but secular approach. Laws to dinner.Visited Nigerian business studies student in Tottenham
13th      Investigating a mortgage load. Bus to tea with Goldings, pastor Hayes Town Chapel.
14th      Jonathan had good report at GOS hospital.
15th      Work day at IPC polishing floors.
16th      Joe martin preached morning, me evening. Children to Crusaders.
17th      Visited London City Mission and they questioned if my ministry call was pastoral or evangelistic.
18th      Prayer letter and letter writing. Lunch with Steve and an American visitor from Germany.
19th      Letters all done. Not happy with lack of communication from Welwyn. They were not happy with me becoming Presbyterian. They had moved to be more Baptist which was their leadership not their constitution.
20th      Met Paul Todd, Moorlands, who hopes to teach in Nigeria.
21st      Anthony Robson visited while coming for London Transport job interview.Newsletter duplicating for IPC.
22nd     St Aldates team at church very charismatic so not my cup of tea.
23rd      Anglicans took a warm and wooly service. Not much ministry of the word. Children to Crusaders and i visited hassan. Katy similarly dissatisfied with the Oxford visitors in the evening.
24th       Met Abe Wiebe NAM. Failed to get into learning word processing on Hui's computer. my first try on the new technology.
25th       With Steve to SOAS and met Ron George to plan WEC course,Did word processing of report to presbytery. Tony Wales took Steve and I to Kims for presbytery with great food.
26th       Cycled to Ruislip and met the RBMU lady who was the first missionary into Nepal 25 years ago.
27th       Bill Clark says Welwyn did not distribute our latest prayer letter asking for support as they are unhappy with us. I want to meet their elders. At GOS Jonathan's EEC is unchanged so a scan is ordered. Talk with Jean Oliver.
28th        Paul Clowney to dinner. Told of his growing up as son of Ed the president of Westminster seminary.He said John Murray was very austere but requested permission to smoke his cigars in their home. Paul had been not the bet behaved youth, driven him in a police car having been caught drinking alcoholic public.  Later he was drafted to Vietnam and served as a photographer of the conflict for the army.
29th        Hassan's chauffeur driven Jaguar XJ6 to Arsenal 1 Leeds 1.  Geoffrey with us.
30th        Spoke on Nick Page BBC radio to Lord Super. Tony Wales preached. Talked with Howard ballet during Crusaders. Film on Cults at IPC in the evening.
31st        Visited Nigerian banker in Brixton. Led prayer meeting at Knells.

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