Saturday, May 26, 2018

Diary w/e 26 May 2018

Sun 20 May

Pentecost but neither of our IPC churches attended mentioned it. We had a beautiful morning through the green countryside to Liss where James Buchanan give his usual good exposition, this time on God cutting the covenant with Abraham. But St Peter's was dim and cold inside. Pleased to see many of the new L'Abri students there. Lunch was with the Buchanans. Then back on a surprisingly free flowing route to home where Katy was playing piano at the evening service with Paul preaching on the man stoned for gathering sticks on the sabbath and tassells on the garments.

Mon 21 May

Dug rest of the western border. Fifth cut of lawn which is now smaller.

Tues 22 May

Katy back to her cello with quartets. Chris Roberts good as ever on Ecc 7 at lunchtime talks. Pastoral visit then took our member to her bank. Katy out to strings with cello in the evening.

Wed 23 May

Housegroup 1 Sam 20 at Cradocks.

Th 24 May

Full house of twelve at earl elders prayer meeting. Lunch with the Littles at Pillars.Visited our member with dementia and sorted payment of her income tax.

Fri 25 May

Katy drove to Edgar farm, Little Walsingham in over four hours including a 24 mile mistaken detour along the M11. Large and luxurious but steps on the ground flour are a hazard to me. Went to a local pub only to find it not serving food so we had to wait for our grocery delivery then out to a second rather noisy crowded pub. Back to a family full house of fifteen of us.

Sat 26 May

Afternoon at Wells Next the Sea. Amazing number of dogs and it looks like one is back to the old England. Children enjoying the pool at the house.

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