Saturday, May 05, 2018

Diary w/e 5 May 2018

Sun 29 Apr 18

Chris Cradock Sunday school on individualism, Paul Levy on Mat 6, practising you piety in secret. Hristo kindly drove me to Harmondsworth where I had liberty in preaching on waiting, an appropriate topic for this incarcerated in the detention centre.

Mon 30 Apr

Back from urology OPD and two hours having botox injected into my bladder. So now I can throw away two drugs I have been taking for four years or so if the injection works. Praying I do not need to catheterise. Rat seen in garden. Trap ordered.

Tue 1 May

U3A World Religions on Contradictions in the Bible. I responded to a presentation assisted bt Chis Roberts. Pastoral visit and accompanied our member to her bank.

Wed 2 May

U3A current affairs here on Russia. Seven of us, lively as ever. We have one member who, if there is a stick, will get hold of the wrong end. She doubts that Moscow is behind the Skripal poisoning. She is from Czech republic and with here admiration of all things Russian we wonder why she is here. To Southfields for the second part of a project on plastics. On the tube back there was Steve Pound MP and we had a good chat. He is not a follower of his leader.
   Overjoyed granddaughter Elissa has been accepted at the new Anglican community school, Ada Lovelace, for music speciality.

Thu 3 May

Presbytery Committee of Enquiry met at our house to examine an elder's complaint against two fellow elders. Did not stay up for local election results.

Fri 4 May

Third cut of the lawn. Enjoying second day of the Tour de Yorkshire. Eldest son, Jonathan here overnight. Katy has planted first section of the garden. Cooked salmon, broccoli and courgette bake.

Sat 5 May

Started to prepare a second patch of garden.

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