Friday, May 11, 2018

The changing world (99) Nov 80

Nov 1st Visited covenanter sites with John Scott. Mauchlin, Sorn and Ayrs Moss. Most impressive Priesthill, a walk over the moor to John Brown's grave, shot by the wicked Claverhouse in front of his wife. Near Scott's house saw Peden's pulpit where the seer preached from a rock.
2nd        Preached twice at Dalry then drove home by 6am. Needed coffee and a snooze en route.
4th         David third prize at the greengrocers in a vegetable head competition.
5th         Overends here for bonfire and fireworks.
6th         Routley to tea.
7th         Visited Sidcup office.
8th          Cooked tandoori chicken.
9th          Bethel church Birmingham, miserable donation and an opinion host.
10th        Aldridgce Anglican Mothers Union.
11th        Bethel ladies then a prayer meeting and back to Potters bar.
13th        Visited Strict baptist  mission Abingdon and spoke at Thame baptist.
14th        Train to Oxford for CU West Africa prayer meeting.
15th        Digby and Marriane James to tea.
16th        Preached twice at Welwyn.
17th        Took Jonathan to orthoptics at GOS Hospital. Katy says she may be starting.
18th         2am to hospital and 6:15 Deborah Grace, Took the children to see her in the afternoon.
19th         Grandma did Jonathan's birthday party for six boys. Katy has a bad leg.
20th         Katy has thrombosis. Visited in the evening after Jonathan taken to GOS. He is to continue anti-epileptic medication. Rachel to another party.
21st         Katy home but has to elevate legs for a week. Registered the birth.
22nd       Deb not settled until 11:30pm.
23rd       Bill Clark preached at WEC. Lunch with Jeffries. Deb not settled after 3pm.
24th       Doctor came and ordered ambulance as Katy has thrombosis. Stayed with her until admitted to Barnett hospital. Ian Cameron Swan and his wife visited me.
25th        Took children to visit Katy.
26th        Discussing Amazing Grace Books plans at Welwyn then hospital visit.
27th        To Evangelical Press then IBM at Welwyn Garden City for a repair manual. Hospital again.
28th        Children had a day off school and were pleased to see snow. Last swimming lesson. Davis disappointed not to have his swimming a length recognised. Hospital visit.
29th        Children love playing in snow. Hospital visit.
30th        Bill Clark not the best exegesis at WEC. Lunch at McDonalds. Met with Leapers visiting Katy.

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