Monday, May 21, 2018

The changing world (103) Mar 81

Sun 1st Martyn Lloyd-Jones went to glory in the early hours of St David's day. HQ church. Hills to lunch. Swimming.
2nd       Teaching four students in the remedial Hausa class. John Boer on Christianity and Science at the Theological Society.
3rd        Teaching Hausa. Did some translating for Real Health Project. Paul Tench to dinner. No light.
4th         Hausa teaching. Water in short supply.
5th         Electricity afternoon only. Jonathan poor school report.
6th         No power until 8pm. Visited Jonathan's teacher. Fran Morgan to dinner,
7th         No power in the morning. Swimming in afternoon.
8th         Justin preached more of a lecture than a sermon Wilmshursts to lunch. Swimming. Lights off an hour at night.
9th         Hausa teaching. Elected vice president of Hillcrest PTA.
10th       Visited Dele at Miango. no electricity 11am to midnight.
11th        Emmanuel Oladipo lectured on marriage. Electricity off until 11am.
12th        Teaching Hausa. Spoke at prayer meeting.
13th        Daniel Bitrus lectured on relationships. First rain of the year.
14th        Night watchman killed two puff adders. I skinned and dried one over three feet long. Swimming. well water only.
15th         Good preaching by Justin. Sproules to lunch. Swimming. led evening bible study.
16th         Teaching Hausa. Did TEE accounts. no lights 7pm to midnight.
17th         As 16th.
18th         Teaching. Swimming. no lights 7 to 10:30pm.
19th          Unpacking our drums which have come safely at last.
20th          Davou Gyang lectured on customs.
21st          Paddling pool filled as Elm House pool closed while new water supply connected. Katy to musical evening.
22nd         Hillcrest service with Jonathan singing. Good new chaplain. Boers to lunch. Led evening Bible study.
23rd         Hausa teaching. Visited by Paul Oakley with whom I agree on future plans.
24th         Hausa teaching. No lights 7-11pm.
25th         Water tanker came. Hausa teaching and TEE accounts.
26th          Hausa teaching. Why no students at prayer meeting?
27th          Strained 23lb honey brought by Garba.
28th          Planted beans.
29th          Preached in English at HQ. Ladipos to lunch.
30th          hausa teaching. Electricity intermittent.
31st          Three thieves chased off in the night by the watchman.

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