Friday, May 04, 2018

The changing world (93) May 80

May 2nd Electricity bad. Water tankers daily. Katy to a concert in Kaduna.
3rd          David failed to catch a chameleon. High wind, dust, rain.
4th           Hillcrest Sunday school take, COCIN Hausa. Swimming with children.
5th           Pregnancy confirmed and Katy unwell most of the day.
6th          Katy on Pineview duty. Ruth Veltkamp here for TEE workshop. Electricity cuts.
7th          Katy on guesthouse duty. March allowance received.
8th          Daniel Bitrus to replace Bitrus Pam as general secretary.
9th          TEE Association will now publish the books. Bought Hausa Koran.
10th         TCNN wedding of Owers and Clarke. Rockhaven resection for 180. I gave a well received speech.
11th         Hillcrest Sunday school then did Hausa sermon. Family swimming.
12th         No electricity 10am to 8pm.
13th         Same hours no electricity. TEE Association accounts.
14th         Bookselling at TCNN. Proof reading Life of Christ.
15th         More TEE book. Katy at nursery school then Elijah practise with recorder.
16th         Sold books to Modern Bookshop. Enjoyed Elijah production with sensitive dancing.
17th         Garba checking TEE books. Swimming spoilt by rain. McLellan and MacLean to dinner.
18th         Penultimate Colossians Sunday school. Graeme Rule preached. Family swimming. Katy had stomach cramps.
19th         NEPA off from 2pm.
20th         Checking Life of Christ. Coles to dinner. Electricity off from 7pm.
21st         NEPA off from 3pm. Finished TEE editing. Translating Powerful Bible Teaching. Katy on duty. Heavy rain.
22nd        No electricity until 10am. To Miango to photograph grabs home and market. More on Bible teaching book.
23rd        last trip to Dutsen Was TEE. Electricity came on at 7pm.
24th        Work with garbage on TEE books. family went swimming.
25thn      My last and 16th Sunday school was applauded. Katy playing recorder at church there. Swimming with children.
26th        Work on TEE books. NEPA off from 6:30am.
27th        Work on TEE book.
28th        Hillcrest term ends. Katy on duty.
29th        Dele came. Planning. Treated me to lunch at Hill Station. Took prayer meeting.
31st        Peter Dominy took quiet day. Not happy concerning Nigerian views on leadership and none of them present.

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