Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The start of Ramadan

As noted by the priestess speaking on BBC's Today programme, the Muslims are starting their lunar month of hardship, particularly hard with long summer days in northern latitudes. She mentioned how some Christians in a Muslim environment fast in sympathy. I believe this is a huge mistake.
  By all means respect the Muslims and do not drink to eat in public in front of them. But IMO to join in fasting is wrong for several reasons.
  The point of Christian fasting is to give yourself wholeheartedly in prayer to God emphasising the urgency of your intercession. It is a good, worthy and profitable discipline which I should have done more. But it is between you and God and to be done in secret without show. You are forbidden to practise your piety before men so to say you are fasting in sympathy with someone else is forbidden. It is a false show of piety.
   Muslim fasting is meritorious. It is to earn favour. Christian fasting is a response to grace and a prayer for more.
   Muslim fasting is IMO folly. More food is consumed that month than normal. Bingeing is encouraged. It is injurious to health and productivity. It is supposed to produce piety. Instead there is short temper and frustration. IMO it is one of the follies of that masterpiece of false satanic religion taught by the false prophet.
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