Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The changing world (101) Jan 81

Jan 1st Family visited Braithwaites who are generous as ever. Not feeling well after cholera jab yesterday.
2nd      Cooked tandoori chicken for Geoffrey and Sara.
3rd       Rachel riding her bike to the shops with us all on foot.
4th       Omri Jenkins at WEC and our valedictory service there in the evening. Lunch at Wattesons.
5th       Getting drums ready to pack. Steadmans visited. Root filling ended severe dental pain from nerve.
6th       Worried about packing and return. Bradforths visited.
7th       Packing the children's tots. Whistles visited and I ran them back to Barnett.
8th       Hospital for tropical Diseases for yellow fever shots. Anxious.
9th       Dreading going back.
10th     Digby James visited. Children to WEC Sunday school party.
11th     Bill Clark preached. Lunch at McDonalds.
12th     Packing fearful we have too much for the drums.
13th     Packed one drum.
14th     Depression hindering packing. Bought a trunk.
15th     Packed trunk. Encouraging counsel from Bill Clark and Jack Findlayson asking am I called. I am.
16th     Packed second trunk. Jonathan says he has bad dreams about fire but we think he wants to sleep with the light on.
18th     Last Sunday WEC. Bill Clark rather eisegetical again. Godfreys for lunch. Leapers round at Overends for tea. Deborah colicky again.
20th     Myself only to Skipton. Iranians release the American Embassy hostages after 440 days.
21st     Sold car. Bus back to the family.
22nd   Packed cases. Weight all OK.
23rd    Chaos at Heathrow with a BA strike. Two hours delay to Amsterdam and an hour there. Dele and Grace met us at Kano. Quickly through and to SIM.
24th    Three hour drive to Jos in our new Amazing Grace Books minibus. House all ready for us.
25th     Meals with Wells and at guesthouse.
26th     Jonathan in grade 4, David grade 3. TEE committee appointed me treasurer. Eating in guesthouse.
27th     Deborah seems more settled here.
28th     First breakfast at home. Teresa started to work for us.
29th     Took prayer meeting which seemed to lack a spirit of praise.
30th     All our own meals now. Shopping for supplies and find inflation not as bad as it might be after statutory pay rise.
31st     Hausa course started before our return. having lemmings is encouraging. Water supply has improved. Guest house filled with course students.

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