Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The changing world (104) Apr 81

Apr 1st My students played the joke of a forged letter to me. To Hillcrest for PTA office handover.
2nd       Hausa teaching. Deb unsettled while Katy at prayer meeting.
3rd        Picked up 1 Cor TEE books from NBTT printers.
4th        Handed over Rockhaven supervision to Bentleys. No more staffing problems to sort.
5th        Preached at HQ in both language services. Campus Crusade singles to lunch. Thieves around again last night.
6th        300 Km to Kano. Staying at noisy Dele's. Grace's pepper stew excellent. Visited the plot he is buying. Took minibus to have the Amazing Grace Books have painted. Chat with ECWA pastor on TEE.
7th         Enjoying Grace's cooking. Selecting banner books to buy. Sabon Gari traffic is scary.
8th         Back home in Dele's air-conditioned ar at 140Km/hr.
9th         Jonathan Murray here from Kaduna. Evening prayer meeting with him.
10th       Our visitor took Katy and Rachel to Naraguta for pots.
11th       Invited to Yelwa Club, Bukuru, by Rules and Sproules. Lots of hot meat.
12th       Palm Sunday. family to Hillcrest while I preached at HQ. Visited Miango river and waterfalls.
13th       Took our visitor to the airport. Visited Foron. Sue Davies here on TEE Association work. Brian Evans on persecution at Theological Society.
14th       Chest pains. Jean Wells says it may be pleurisy. Jones of SIM TEE to dinner. Columbia space shuttle landed.
15th       Dele brought the minibus and books. Brian Boddy to dinner.
16th       John Nash, evangelist at Vom, has taken a second wife under family pressure for the son Naomi cannot give him. I was disgusted that the church merely dismissed him and did not support Naomi divorcing him on the grounds of adultery. But COCIN has inherited a wrong view of marriage regarding Christian marriage as the only kind that is exclusive and indissoluble.
17th       Good Friday. Wilson Embu good at HQ. 325 Km to Anne Nesbitt at Kaduna. Under four hours.
18th       Preached for EKAN. Visited Foxalls of SIM. Rain.
19th       Enjoyed cooked breakfast from Anne. Preached at EKAN. Pastor took me to HEKAN secretary who is keen to start TEE. Tony, Anne's partner arrived from UK. They married later.
20th       271Km back home. Jonathan cut his t-shirt in six places.
21st       Electicity erratic. Heard uncle Jim Kinnear died a week ago.
22nd      Gulas to lunch. Electricity off. Termite problem.
23rd       Sorting books then test papers. No power but a lead connected to our neighbours who have it.
24th       Mending around the house. First power for three days.
25th       Power off 10am to 11pm. Swimming.
26th       Graeme Rule preached. Hemmings to lunch. Swimming when a little rain came to alleviate the heat and humidity.
27th        Hausa course restated but I aim to do as little as possible.
28th        Hillcrest PTA executive. Power off 6-9pm.
29th        Storm brought heavy rain and a power cut.
30th        Took guard dog Alsatian Niko to vet. He hates the van which he associates with the vet where two of us have to hold him down. Rain every day.

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