Friday, May 04, 2018

The changing world (92) APR 80

Apr 1st TEE translating. Gulas to supper.
2nd        Garba checking TEE exams while I was translating.
3rd         Putting up orders of Evangelical Press books for four sellers.
4th         Good Friday to Anne Nesbitt's flat in Kaduna. Visited the river. Very hot. A lot of mosquitoes.
5th         Took Katy to a cloth shoo.
6th          Easter Day Anglican service inaudible. Lunch with an RAF couple at Nigerian Airforce base. Jonathan enjoyed a horse ride,
7th          Left Kaduna for Jos. Stopped to help others whose car had broken down only for ours to pack up too. Bush mechanic repaired it after Katy and children went on home.
8th          Katy on Pineview duty.
9th          Katy on guesthouse duty. Electricity intermittent.
10th        Duplicator spewing ink so taken for repair. Very hot and I have a slight fever.
11th        Garba back to work after illness. Marking exams together. Talked with Wells about manic depressives. It was not for another thirty years before I was diagnosed as bipolar. That late diagnosis explains a lot in my diaries.
12th         Checking Following Jesus with Garba. Hemmings to lunch.
13th         Teaching Colossians again. Lunch with Sharpes at Vom. Visited expatriate graves there.
14th         TEE subcommittee. Theological Society at TCNN. Harvey Kiekhover on body soul and spirit.
15th          Cooler thanks to harmattan. Duplicator in for repair again. Electricity off again.
16th          Duplicator repaired and paper which had been unavailable now purchased.
17th          Duplicating with Dick. Cartmels to supper.
18th          Cutting stencils.
19th          Took TEE books to Daffo. Terry Hemmings here with dysentery.
20th          Took Hillcrest Sunday school. Colin Bulley at COCIN and with us for lunch. Hugh Jones on Amos.
21st           Duplicating. Terry H recovering.
22nd          Supper at Pineview with very noisy children.
23rd          Katy on guesthouse duty. Dave Bickel helping me duplicating.
24th          Duplicating. Sermon preparation. Good rain.
25th          Katy starts a week at guesthouse. Dutsen Was TEE. Katy played at Hillcrest concert.
26th          Checking Following Jesus. Musical evening at Cohorns. I read dialect and WWI poems.
27th          COCIN English then I preached in Hausa. Children played at Drews.
28th          Finished duplicating Seven Letter. Took Dave Bickel to Fobir.
29th          Did TEE tests and picked up new books from printers.
30th          To Shendam bookselling.Many road block because of robberies near Jos.

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