Wednesday, May 16, 2018

An open letter to Cllr Bell, leader of Ealing Council, concerning his 'not fit for purpose' revenue department.

Dear Sir,

In early April I noticed my council tax had not been taken under my previous direct debit which referenced my previous property so I set up a new direct debit.
   Later in April I received a letter to say I had not paid so I immediately emailed querying the letter. I received an automated reply promising action within ten days.
   Next I receive a court summons for the year's tax plus costs of £116 for non-payment. I phone. I am told the wait is long, leave my number. I will receive a call.
   Over half a day later no call. I ring again. After forty minutes I have it sorted. A new direct debit. Payment by instalments. No costs. But no apology or explanation either. Should I bill you for costs?
   I suggest your revenue department is in need of overhaul, audit or whatever. What other inefficiencies are they up to?
   Enjoy your four years.
Yours faithfully,

Graham J Weeks

PS. Cllr Bell ensured I received a reply and apology from the revenue department.

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