Monday, May 07, 2018

The changing world (96) Aug 80

Aug 1st Lunch at Abbott's Hill school Hemel Hempstead with SUM house party including Tylers. saw Coe win 1500m. Leapers visited.
2nd        Lunch at Overends then they and Leapers to tea with us.
3rd         Jack Kenner at Welwyn.  Lunch at Jenner's.
4th         Visited Masons. Mrs Overend passed her driving test.
5th         Cut lawns and did weeding.
6th         Children to swimming. Welwyn prayer meeting.
7th         Visited Sullivan's in Birmingham. They are off to Djibouti then Mali. Four children.
8th          Great Ormond Street hospital with Jonathan . Burton's had no 42" trousers.
9th          Tilleys in Welwyn for Mason's farewell barbecue.
10th         Tait twice at WEC. Meals at Ashcroft's and Normans.
11th          Katy to Barnet for antenatal
12th         Repairs round the house.
13th         Spoke at WEC prayer meeting.
14th         Drove family to Newport. Jim Kinnear very puffy with steroids. Viewed transporter bridge,
15th         To Balfour's and a picnic at Ogmere by Sea where they are going to move.
16th          To holiday with Braithwaites on Anglesey. Rachel a horror in the car not wanting the central back seat.
17th           Bangor Evangelical church. Visited Beaumaris castle.
18th           To Holyhead to buy ferry ticked. To South Stack lighthouse.
19th            Walk on NE coast. Red Wharf bay, good sand but cold wind.
20th            To Blaneou Ffestiniog slate mines. Met Procters. Mines too crowded so had steam train ride in cloud. Back via Betwys Coed.
21st            To Llanberis. Snowdon railway too expensive and crowded. Visited Caernarvon.
22nd           Beach cold but sunny. Shopped in Beaumaris.
23rd            3:15 am boat to Dun Laoghaire. 8am train to Belfast. Jim Hamilton too me to Mrs Faulkner, Bangor. Spoke at two meetings.
24th             About 500 at Ravenhill Presbyterian Belfast. An afternoon open air meeting. Evening at 2nd Newtonards Presbyterians.
25th             Morning bangor missions conference prayer meeting. Spoke at afternoon meeting and saw COCIN film in evening.
26th             Greeted Herbert Carson. Lunch with conference committee and speakers. Evening Banbridge Baptists.
27th             Spoke at Newcastle Co. Down.
28th             Went to conference but not speaking.
29th             Ditto at Bangor.
30th              Spoke on the contemporary missionary.
31st              Knock Evangelical Presbyterian with the Rosses. Intimidated to see W J Grier in the pew. Spoke at Hamilton Road baptist in the evening.

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