Saturday, May 12, 2018

Diary w/e 12 May 2018

Sun 6 May

Not feeling well. Cold and gout. Colchicine for the later. So missed Sunday school and evening service. Ordination of Chris Roberts. It has been so good to see his growth in gifts and ministry as he has trained with us. Moderator David Gibson preached. Lunch at Littles.

Mon 7 May

Colchicine effective for the gout and pretty well recovered from yesterday's lethargy. Deb helped clear the second garden corner of turf and I found the buried top of a sundial, most appropriate for the 27+C heat, a May holiday record nationally. I found another way for controversy. Try telling vegans of their irrationality choosing a diet that required an addition of a vitamin supplement. Vegetarianism is a fad, vegan, a folly. I'll stick to meat even if as some say it predisposes to gout.  BTW, colchicine is from a natural plant remedy of long standing.

Tu 8 May

Gethin Jones spoke on the resurrection from John 20 at Ealing lunchtime talks. My pastoral visit was frustrated by the perversity of Barclays bank who are unable to establish the identity of a customer on the phone when she is unable, due to failing sight, to read from her statement without help. When I am officially trustee of the account I shall make official complaint.

Wed 9 May

Dealing with the turf from the lawn, removing soil. To chiropody for regular appointment. On presbytery committee investigation by Skype. Positive outcome so far. Housegroup on David and Goliath.

Thu 10 May

U3A on the history of linguistics rather dull but excellent lunch afterwards with seven ladies to celebrate one attaining 90 years.

Fri 11 May

Off the Oval to see Surrey v Yorkshire. Not happy with £20 flat rate entry, OAPs no discount. No scorecards made available and no entry to the stand behind the bowler's arm. Yorkshire started well then faded.

Sat 12th

Twelve of us out of the immediate clan present for my 72nd birthday. In two weeks all fifteen of us will be on a Norfolk farmhouse holiday together.

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