Friday, May 18, 2018

The changing world (102) Feb 81

Feb 1st Trevor Wells preached at HQ church. I did evening Bible study.
2nd       Started Hausa teaching but missing my lost old notes. Fourteen students a fortnight into the course. Complaining to Peter Dominy about plans to close Rockhaven.
3rd        Hausa teaching. Executive Committee protesting to the governor, Mar, over a three month ban on open air preaching.
4th        After teaching talk with Rev Bitrus Manjang abut TEE in Daffo and Jos.
5th        Looked after our four while Katy at prayer meeting. Deb seems more settled here.
6th        Hillcrest PTA Nigerian cultural evening then refreshments at Drews.
7th        Sacks of flour bought but no sugar. katy at musical evening.
8th        Preached for Presbyterians. Evans to lunch, Ladipos to tea. Took Bible study.
9th        Kohorn advocates continuous creation at the Theological Society. dele brought the minibus back but our loads still not here.
10th     Helping Trevor Wells sort out what Haruna at Publications has fraudulently taken. Visited Dele in hospital for piles operation.
11h       Dele in pain after his operation had two Nigerian women who commented that now he would know how they suffered in childbirth.
12th      Giving extra Hausa tuition to Queenslander Ian Sprout. Years later he sacrificed his own life to save his family in a car crash. With Hemming and Drew to house of Senate Secretary for a reception.
13th       Sorting TEE accounts which have been left in a mess. Liz McKinnon and Charles Todd to supper.
14th       Took children to Elm House pool.
15th        Colin Bulley good exposition. Wells to lunch. Took family swimming.
16th        Hausa teaching continues.
17th        Children had rabies shots. Daintys to supper.
18th        Deb unsettled after triple vaccine. Visited Dele who is out of hospital.
19th        The students want the Hausa course split in two saying the slow wants hold back the more able.
20th        Daniel Musa lectured on Nigeria since independence.
21st        Both water and electricity are on irregular supply these days. Swimming then hot skewers of meat - stir. One eats banana afterwards to counteract the pepper.
22nd      Met Graham Myton of BBC Hausa at church where C Bulley ws excellent.Tylers to lunch then swimming.
23th        The lost Hausa notes found in the TEE store. Haruna of Publications taken to the police. Utilities intermittent.
24th         David off school with fever.
25th         Stocktaking of TEE store We hear our loads have been in Kano some time. Tanker came with water but no light at night.
26th          Peter Dominy says I am to divide the Hausa clean]ass. Haruna sentenced to three years imprisonment.
27th           Enjoyed Kraemer v Kraemer at Hillcrest.
28th           Swimming followed by hot meat, yam and kosai.

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