Monday, May 07, 2018

The changing world (95) Jul 80

Jul 1st Boys wanted to go fishing but the Swale too full for sport. Overends came up and tea at Houlstons.
2nd      Stanley Crooks funeral at parish church. To Rayners at Featherholme farm. Chat with John Legg at Northallerton.
3rd       Visited Ladies in York. Lunch with Crayons.
4th        By train to Sue Davies in Manchester. Bought IBM typewriter. Spoke at Zion Evangelical, Ripon and ate at Willis Metcalfe's.
5th        Coffee ar Norrie's, Pickerong. Lunch in a field near Ravenscar. Staying at Christian Alliance, Scarborough.
6th        Peter  Brumby at Whitby Evangelical. Sent to beach with Geoffrey and Sara but cold and cloudy and drizzle when we walked by the castle. Spoke at guest house in evening.
7th        Children paddled north bay beach. Peasholme Park lake naval battle.
8th        Rain drove us back in from the marine Drive. More rain as we watched high tide breakers at South bay.
9th        Long walk at Filey. Scarborough high tide breakers.
10th      North bay miniature railway. Doreeen Middlemiss visited.
11th      North bay beach. Open bus to harbour.Speedboat trip, the first day it had been running because of the high seas.
12th      Rained off from the beach. Pickering steam railway and folk museum. Visited the Grahams at Ripon.
13th      Northallerton Evangelical, Walk by Swale. Skipton chapel. Hospital service.
14th      Bank manager agrees overdraft until I am paid. Fishing the Swale. Visited Brian Boddy at his mother's.
15th      Drove to Overend's.
16th      Dele and I talked at Welwyn church.
17th      Evangelical Press with Bill Clark. Talked Amazing Grace plans with dele too.
18th      Moved to 466 Mutton lane and very happy with it.
19th      Wet and cold.
20th       Preached bedford Evangelical the Welwyn after lunch at Reubens.
21st       Visited library.
22nd      Warmer.
23rd        Saw Trevor Routley, ex ANCC now Argentina at Welwyn.
24th        Family to Oakmere Park. Olympics on TV. Peter Sellers died.
25th        Shopping St Albans. Wells wins !))m gold.
26th        Reddington's sons wedding. Ovett beat Coe in 800m Moscow.
27th        Prof Andrews preached at Welwyn, me in evening. Meals with Godfreys.
29th        Katy booked in Barnet for baby. Children kite flying. Elders meeting Welwyn.
30th        Swimming at excellent local pool.
31st         Tower Bridge to Westminster river boat. St James Park. Buckinham Palace. Consultation at Great Ormond Street

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