Friday, May 25, 2018

The changing world (106) Jun 81

Jun 1st Failed to find managers in three Kafanchan locality bookshops. Lunch with Ossoms at Kagoro Bible School where the bookshop has been told not to buy from us.
2nd      Sold books to Modern Bookshop Kafanchan. Brought Sue davies to Jos.
3rd       Supplied Albishir with books. School reports. Jonathan c/d. David b/c. Picked up Onamusi children and others from Kent Academy Miango and took them to Kano. Great food from Grace Onamusi as ever. I think she likes my enthusiasm for it as her husband is no trencherman.
4th        With Dele in Kano on Amazing Grace planning our book work.
5th       Shopping in Kano. Sermon preparation. Enjoying Grace's food and playing with their children.
6th       Back to Jos. Swimming. Power off since last night.
7th       Preached at Hillcrest. Roger Petch with us. Swimming. Only two hours electricity.
8th       We have a job roster for the children but they d=seem unwilling. They now feed the chickens every day. TEE committee. Enid crane seems to undermine decisions made. NEPA not on until 7pm.
9th        Pastor from Akwanga took big book order. NEPA very bad.
10th      Unpacking and sorting books. Watchman trouble accusing each other of sleeping on the job.
11th      While I spoke at the prayer meeting the night watchmen came to blows and I had to separate them.
12th     Tabitha started work for us. Had to empty fridge before holiday because of power cuts. To Miango for dinner. Hohls there. Deb has runs.
13th      Deb not well. Dominys here.
14th      Jonathan sick in night. Deb not well. Preached at Hillcrest.
15th      Children up the volcanoes with the Hohls.
16th     Enjoying boules with Mennonite missionary.
17th     SIM leaders from several countries here for a conference.
18th     Sleeping too much with abundant food.
19th    Sermon preparation on holiday.
20th    Heavy rain all day. Visited grab. Musical evening at lemmings in Jos.
21st    Jonathan sick all day. Visited the graves at Kent Academy. Preached at evening service.
22nd   Took children to see plane landing by the volcano.
24th    Lawn darts and bowls.
25th    5lbs cizakis picked on Vom road.
26th    Left Miango paying N260 for two weeks with one day free for preaching. Prospective night watchman refused to accept a trial period on N20 a week. So I see we are from the rich class.
27th     Katy made cizaki jelly but it would not set.Generator on 7 to 9pm as no NEPA.
28th     Preached twice at Mango. Cizakis picked.
29th     Rachel vomiting and fever. painted office.
30yh    Rachel still not well. Tabitha working.

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