Tuesday, May 08, 2018

The changing world (98) Oct 80

Oct 1st BEC conference. John Appleby, H Jones, David Lyons.
2nd       To Skipton and spoke at Northallerton Evangelical.
3rd        Spoke at Idle Independent and overnight with john Thompson, ex ANCC.
4th        Visited Joe Link who had a church split. Some visiting Brimham Rocks.
5th        Preached twice at Priory Street Baptist York for a measly £16.50.
6th        Spoke at Hambledon Evangelical. More generous.
7th        Spoke for Northallerton Evangelical ladies. Ate with Rayners. Killed a pheasant. Norries Pickering for SUM prayer group.
8th        To read at Dawson's Ripon. Spoke at Bethel Evangelical.
9th         Spoke at Skipton Methodists.
10th       Swinton Castle SUM Conference. On the way heard Thatcher's lady's not for turning speech. John Farren spoke. Daintys, Whites, Dodd, Sainsbury, Uzziel Genka. and Middleton there.
11th       I spoke on TEE. Dodd, Farren, Whites, Uzziel, Mathers and Hugh Jones father spoke.
12th      Conference over. Northallerton Evangelical pm.
13th      Iaian Murray at York meeting of Yorkshire reformed Ministers fellowship. At baldersby Stoop garage the car behind me had a young, familiar looking driver and an older man filling u. When I went to pay the attendant said I had not doffed my cap. He showed be the credit card slip for HRH Prince Andrew, Kensington Palace. He was stationed at Topcliffe camp. In the evening I spoke at Tower Street Baptist. Billingham overnight.
14th       Visited Needoms for tea. Spoke at Eston Methodists. Overnight with Thelins.
15th       Spoke to Rosemary's students then Guisborough Evangelical ladies and Southbank Baptists.
16th       To Sunderland and Middlemiss. George fit at 87. Stayed with Jones of Sunderland Evangelical and spoke at their YMCA venue.
17th       To Arthur and Christine Rayner at Stafford. They have 600 ewes on 500 acres. Found them rather materialistic.
18th       To Skipton. Geoffrey and Sara visited.
19th        Spoke at Whitby Evangelical then drove to Potters bar by 3:40am.
20th        David's birthday with six boys round. Visited their school.
21st        Back to Skipton and spoke at Hollybush Fellowship.
22ns       Drove to Penicuik near Edindrough. Heard Wilf Bellamy has left his wife and church running off with the organist.
23rd        Spoke to ladies and youth at St Serfs.
24th        Met with I Murray and Mervyn Barter manager of Banner of Truth. Then called on Bessie Barnie, now retired from SUM, the lady who asked david carling to whom he had left his seven league boots.
25th         Saw Rose, another retired SUM lady. Photographed Know House and martyrs memorials but disgusts how modern Scots publicise a dog not the reformation. Spoke Holyrood Church of Scotland. At Baxter's overnight.
26th         Spoke at Clermiston Church of the Nazarene.
27th         Lunch with Whites. Overnight with Barters after Edinburgh 80 conference with M Griffiths on hindrances to the gospel.
28th         At conference then Penicuik prayer meeting.
29th         Conference then Scotts, Thorntoun School where I spoke. Lunch with David grant at whose church, Dalry Trinity I spoke.
30th      Edinburgh conference. Then Ayr Free Church with the very conservative Maurice Roberts. he was later to lead the secession from the free Church over Donald MacLeod.
31st       Edinburgh again then back to Scotts. Wondering if the Iranians will release the embassy hostages.  

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