Thursday, May 03, 2018

The changing world (91) Mar 80

Mar 1st Katy on Rckhaven duty. Shagari in Jos. Garba checking TEE on Christian Life.
2nd       Hillcrest took Sunday school. Was then to lead at HQ but no preacher so I preached and led at the table too.
3rd       Alan White to supper.
4th        Dele from Kano to get our news. To Miango to check TEE book with Garba.
5th        TEE editing and Colossians preparation. School reports only d=fair.
6th         David did not want to go to school. Probably because he had been kept in during breaks to finish work. TEE editing]g and Sunday school preparation.
7th         Very hot at Dutsen Was TEE. Tenches to dinner.
8th         TEE edited and Sunday school reparation. I have bought books retail value £17,000 in the past year.
9th          Took Hillcrest Sunday school and stayed to hear David's class sing. Tree Jones to lunch. Trevitt Bible study.
10th       TEE editing. Katy at Hillcrest PTA.
11th        Checking TEE book with Garba at Miango.
 12th       Seven Letters editing. Katy on guesthouse duty.
13th        TEE translating. Katy at nursery school.
14th        Taught at Pastors College.
15th        Checking Seven Letters with Garba. Took family swimming.
16th        Taught Hillcrest Sunday school. COCIN English, Peter Dominy. Family swimming. I led Bible study on Amos.
17th         Seven Letters editing. To TCNN for start of theological discussion group.
18th         Finished Seven Letters and had Garba check it at Miango.
19th         Started on TEE accounts.
20th         Katy led St Pirans choir practise on the organ.
21st         Checking Life of Christ corrections.
22nd        Checking exams with Garba. Took children swimming while Katy had recorder practice. Musical evening at Mountain View.
23rd         Hillcrest Sunday school went well again then COCIN English service. Took family to the pool.
24th         A little rain but not enough to cool things down.
25th         Trouble balancing the TEE accounts. Katy on Pineview duty. Electricity off again until evening.
26th          Cooler after rain in the night. Took boys to dress rehearsal of You're a good man Charlie Brown.
27th          Dele stayed. Was elected president of Christ Booksellers Association.
28th          Checking Powerful Bible Teaching.
29th          Took boys to Daffo selling books and buying potatoes.
30th          Took Hillcrest Sunday School. Palm Sunday at COCIN. Katy on guesthouse duty. Took family swimming.
31st          Governor Lar lain foundation stone of new HQ church.

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