Saturday, May 12, 2018

The changing world (100) Dec 80

Dec 1st Planning Amazing Grace book catalogue with Dele.
2nd       Expecting Katy home tomorrow.
3rd        Katy home. Meeting in Bedford. Poor remuneration.
4th        Took David to town for a Mr Men party at which he met John Noakes and received a prize.
5th         Deb would not settle after tea until late. Katy had tooth crowned.
6th         Took children to spend book tokens and bought Rachel a second hand bike.
7th         163 mole round trip to see Boddingtons and ranald Macaulay. Lunch with Fischer-Webbs en route to Weeks in New Zealand.
8th          Boys school carol service at Charles the Martyr. Church meeting at WEC agreed to lease Guessens to EMF.
9th          John Lennon murdered. Rachel class presentation at school.
10th        Spoke at Longmeadow Evangelical Church.
11th        Deb unsettled at night.
13th        Leapers visited.
14th        Preached twice at Ealing. Support pledged monthly. Larsons said the church had considered calling me as pastor.
15th        To SUM Sidcup who say we should return Jan 9th.
16th         Deb cough so bad we contacted GP.
17th         Met with helpful lecturer on Hausa at SOAS. Rubbish GP says Deb needs only nose drops.
18th         Children finished school. Deb taken to clinic and referred to Barnett where she was admitted with chest infection.
19th          Cooked chicken curry lunch. Visited Katy in hospital with Deb.
20th          Katy home. David to a cinema party. Jonathan and Rachel to church party.
21st          Prof. Andrews preached at parade service. Lunch at Horners. Told mote of Tait's obsession with many. It was later to cost him his pastorate with accusation over his influencing a member's will.
22nd         Deb's cough some better but on two antibiotics and has colic.
23rd          Took children to town for an Atara's Band concert. Mum and dad down.
24th           Tree presents asked. Deb consistently keeps us up late.
25th           Katy took the family to the Methodists. I looked after deb who was unsettled all day. Lunch at Overends.
26th           All the grandparents with us for lunch. Deb grumpy. Rachel loves the bike.
27th           Mum and dad return home. Jonathan upset. Katy says our return must be postponed.
28th           Preached twice at WEC. Lunch with Clarks.
29th           Barnet says deb is fine apart from cold. Return to Nigeria postponed by a fortnight.
31st           A car hit David, Rachel and me on a zebra in darker Lane. Ambulance and piece called but OK. Surprised no action taken by plod.

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