Saturday, May 05, 2018

The changing world (94) Jun 80

Jun 1st Lunch with Ossoms of Kagoro ECWA Bible college. Evangel Press have told them not to buy our books. This makes me wonder if they were being the lawyer questioning our secondment to work with Dele.
2nd       Sold books to Modern Kafanchan.
3rd        Katy at Nursery school. grab here checking TEE books.
4th        More checking and translating. Katy at guesthouse.
5th        Ditto.
6th        Ditto.
7th         Dele came to check accounts for cash flow when applying for a bank loan.
8th         Led for English service and Lord's supper.
9th         Five women on Hausa course. Owers to dinner.
10th       Took Garba home ill with fever. Translating .
11th        Checking books with garbage. Katy in guesthouse.
12th        Katy's last day of Nursery school.
13th        Sorting office. Handing over to Dick.
14th        Family to Daffo and styling up with booksellers.
15th        Brian Evans preached.
16th        Cholera shots. Started packing.
17th         Packing things to sell, take or pack for storage.
18th         Packed Rachel's room and part of the bots'.
19th         Boys' room packed.
20th         Packed living room and kitchen. Lunch in guesthouse with Coles and dinner at Evans.
21st         Guesthouse breakfast. Lunch with Kimbers and supper at Boers.
22nd        David Owers preached.
23rd         To Kano.
24th         Visited Centre for study of Nigerian languages at the university. Took children to zoo.
25th          Ordering books and eating with Dele.
26th          Flew Kano to Tunis where we were delayed by Italian air traffic control. Then another hour and a half wait in Amsterdam before being me by the family at Yeadon airport.
27th          To Ripon in our Maxi. To Thirsk. Helping dad with Betterwear order. Katy not well.
28th          Children on Methodist Guild outing. Katy and I with Geoffrey and Sara in York. Northallerton church anniversary.
29th          Northallerton in the morning, Skipton in the evening. Rachel enjoying new clothes.
30th          To Evangelical Press Ripon. Supper at Sharpes, Catton.

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