Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Rutherford Revised (280)

280. To John Gordon, at Rusco   From Aberdeen 

(See letter 207)

Dear brother, - I really want to know how it is with your soul, and to understand you have made sure work of heaven and salvation.
   1. Remember salvation is one of Christ's dainties He gives to only a few.
   2. It is violent sweating and driving that takes heaven.
   3. It cost Christ's blood to buy the house for sinners, and to set mankind down as the King's free tenants and freeholders.
   4. Many make a start towards heaven who fall on their backs, and do not win up to the top of the mount. It plucks heart and legs from them, and they go down and give it over, because the devil sets a sweet smelling flower to their nose (that fair decorated world) by which they are bewitched, and so forget or refuse to go forward.
   5, Remember, many go far on and reform many things, and can find tears as Esau did,; and suffer hunger for truth, as Judas did; and wish and desire the end of righteousness, as Balaam did; and profess well and fight for the Lord, as Saul did; and want the saints of God to pray for them, as Pharaoh and Simon Magus did; and prophesy and speak for Christ as Caiaphas did; and walk softly and mourn for fear of judgements as Ahab did; and put away gross sins and idolatry as Jehu did; and heard the word of Gd gladly and reform their life as in many things according to he word as Herod did; and say to Christ, 'Master I will follow you wherever you,' as the man who offered to be Christ's servant (Mat 7:19); and may taste of the virtues of the life to come and be a partaker of the wonderful gifts of the Holy Spirit, and taste of the good word of God, as the apostates who sin against the Holy Spirit (Heb 6). And yet ll these are only like gold in chink and colour, and adulterated brass and base metal. These are widen so we should try ourselves, and not rest until we are a step nearer Christ than sunburned and withering professors can come.
   6. Consider it is impossible for you and your idol to go together to heaven, and those who will indeed not part with these, can indeed love Christ at the bottom, but only in speech and appearance, which will not do the business.
   7. Remember how quickly God's time flies away; and your morning is already spent, your afternoon will come, , and then your evening, and at last night, when you cannot see to work. Let you heart be set on finishing your journey, and summing up and seeing your accounts before your Lord. Oh how blessed you will be to have a joyful welcome from your Lord at night! How blessed are they who in time, make a sure way with their souls! Bless His great name for what you possess in goods and children, leisure and worldly contentment, which He has given you; and seek to be like Christ in humility and lowly mind. And be not great and devoted to the world. Do not make it your God, nor your lover which you trust in, for it will deceive you.
   I recommend to you Christ and His love,  in all things; let Him have the flower of your heart and our love. Set a low price on all things except Christ, and cry down in your thoughts clay and dirt, which will not comfort you when summoned to go, and to appear before your judge and answer for all the deeds done in the body. The Lord give you wisdom in all things. I beg you to sanctify God in all your speaking, for holy and reverend is His name; and be temperate and sober. Bad companions lead to sin which holds many out of heaven.
   I will not believe you will receive the ministry of a stranger, who will preach a new and strange doctrine to you. Let my salvation stand for it, if I did not deliver to you the plain and whole counsel of God in His word. Read the letter to your wife and remember my love to her, and ask her to be careful to do what I write to you. I pray for you and yours. Remember me in your prayers to our Lord, that He would be pleased to send me among you again. Grace be with you.
   Your lawful and loving pastor, S.R.

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