Sunday, August 18, 2019

Rutherford Revised (264)

264. To Thomas Corbet   From Aberdeen  1637

( One of his Anwoth parishioners )

Dear friend, - I do not forget you. It will be my joy that you follow after Christ until you find Him. My conscience is a feast of joy to me, that I fight with an undivided heart, for Christ's love, to put you on the King's highway to our Bridegroom and our Father's house. Thrice blessed are you my brother if you keep to the way.
   I believe that you and Christ once met; I hope you will not part from Him. Follow the advice of the man of God, Mr. William Dalgleish. If you leave what I taught you, even a hair breadth, for fear or favour of men, or desire for ease in this world, I take heaven and earth as witness that evil will come on you in the end. Do not build you nest here. This world is a hard, unmade bed; no rest in it for your soul. Awake, awake and be quick to serve that Pearl, Christ, that this world does not see. Your night and your Master Christ will be on you in an instant, your hand breath of time will not wait for you. Take Christ though a few follow Him. Though this day is not yours and Christ's, tomorrow will be yours and His. I would not exchange the joy of my chains and imprisonment, for Christ with all the joy of this dirty and foul skinned world. I have a love bed with Christ, and am filled with His love.
   I want your wife to do what I write to you. Let her remember how dear Christ will be to her, when her breath turns cold, and the eyes fail. Oh, how joyful should my soul be to know that I had brought on a marriage between Christ and that people, few or many! If it is not so, I will be woe to be a witness against them. Use prayer: do not love the world: be humble, and think little of yourself,. Love your enemies and prayer them. Be conscientous about speaking the truth, when no-one knows except God. I never eat without praying for you all. Pray for me. You and I will see one another up in our Father's house. I rejoice to see that your eye is on Christ. Follow on, hang on, and do not leave Him. The Lord Jesus be with your spirit.
   Your affectionate brother, in our Lord Jesus, S.R.

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