Saturday, August 03, 2019

Diary w/e Aug 3rd

Sun Jul 28

Good night with a Yorkshire roommate and a nurse from Durham. Not painful getting into chair from bed but pain returned and more oxycodone. My roommate had collapsed while here for the Lords test with Ireland. Did my exercises with moderate pain. Managed together to toilet by myself a a good walk along the external ward corridor. Katy, Rachel and Ethan visited late afternoon. Home in a couple of days?

Mon Jul 29

Consultant says to remove the catheter and resume self catheterisation. I am very fearful of pain there. I have blood taken at least once daily. Why does it seems a mere prick at times and other days takes several painful attempts? I am told that if the physio says I am fit enough that I can be discharged so it is wait and see. Catheter removed and I am pain free. Hallelujah! Physio says I can be discharged but now I await confirmation from renal doctors. Home 4:30 pm, weak and walking with a stick even in the house.

Tue Jul 30
Good to be home but feeling very weak and may not be going out for a while. Frustrating not being able to do things to help Katy round the home. Concerned the hospital has stopped three out of hour hypotensives and my ankles and feet are swollen. I await my full discharge note to see what is recommended. Will I be put back on anticoagulants? Cardiac nurse is to sort my medicines. Physio examined me at home and will send someone to set me exercises. One elder visited and two phoned as did Rachel and children.

WEd Jul 31

Pleased to sleep through for seven hours. Getting stronger daily. Very much encouraged by the loving care shown by family, friends worldwide, our church and the professionalism of NHS care. 

Th Aug 1

Now to enjoy my leisure watching the Ashes! Back to waring he garden.

Fri Aug 2

Nearly two hours to get a blood test a Greenford Green clinic. Rachel and children visited before their holiday. Paul Meiners came and prayed. The Lefroy cut our lawn or rather manicured it.

SaAug 3

Found he Mac virtual keyboard so I can ge round the non functioning  T key on my Mac.

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