Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Rutherford Revised (253)

253. To his Reverend and very dear brother, Mr George Gillespie  From Aberdeen Sep 9 1637

(See Letter 144)

My very dear brother, - I received yours. I am still with the Lord. His cross has done that which i once thought impossible. Christ keeps meeting with His own in the fire and water, and comes before our breath goes out, and before our blood grows cold.   Blessed are those whose feet escape from the great golden nethat is now spread. It is happiness tor the difficult, rough and poor side of Christ's world, which is a lease of losses and crosses for Him. For many are Christ's incomes and casualties that follow Him; and it is not a little one that a good conscience may be had following Him, This is true gain and must be worked for and loved. 
   Many give Christ for a shadow,; because Christ was rather beside their conscience in a dead and reprove light, than in the conscience. Let us be ballasted with grace, that we are nov blown over, and we do nottagger. Yet a little while and Christ and His redeemed ones will fill the field, and come out victorious. Christ's glory of triumphing in Scotland is still in the bud, and in the birth; buthe birth cannot prove to be an abortion. He will not faint nor be discouraged, until He has brought forth judgement to victory. Let us still mind our Covenant; and the very God of peace be with you.
   Your rover in Christ,  S.r.

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